Yellow-Spotted Lizards

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The yellow-spotted lizards are minor villains in Holes. These venomous lizards that inhabit Camp Green Lake feed on blood and are extremely dangerous. Every yellow-spotted lizard is from six to ten inches long and has eleven yellow spots on its back. They have a long, slender yellow-green body, red eyes, razor-sharp black teeth and a milky white tongue.

Yellow-spotted lizards contain deadly venom that has enough power to inevitably kill you. As a result, if one gets bitten by a yellow-spotted lizard, they will die a slow and excruciatingly painful death. However, besides relying on human blood to survive, these creatures' diet also consists of small animals, certain cactus thorns, tarantulas and the shells of sunflower seeds. Yellow-spotted lizards dwell in Camp Green Lake because of the many holes that the campers dig in the "lake", as they provide shade from the intense hot sun and predatory birds. More than twenty lizards can squeeze into one hole. However dangerous they may be, there is a very simple way of repelling them that has been long since forgotten -- onions. Regular consumption of onions or onion-related plants very effectively repels the lizards, as they "don't like onion blood".

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