Wizard Kelly
Background information
Feature films The Proud Family Movie
Television programs The Proud Family
Lilo and Stitch: The Series (cameo)
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Aries Spears[1][2]
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Appearance Tall, blue suit, red tie, black shoes
Home Wiazrdville, California
Friends Penny Proud, Trudy Proud, Oscar Proud, Suga Mama, Puff, BeBe & CeCe Proud, Bobby Proud, LaCienega Boulevardez, Dijonay Jones, Zoey Howzer, Sticky Webb, Lilo Pelekai, Stitch, Spats
Enemies penny proud ( formerly ) Oscar proud ( formerly ) Zoey ( formerly ) dijonay ( formerly ) lacieniga ( formerly ) sister spice
Likes Money, people buying his stuff
Dislikes His stuff not selling
Powers and abilities
Typical Saying "It all started with an orange basketball, y'all."
Wizard Kelly[3] (voiced by Aries Spears) is a recurring antagonist of Disney Channel's The Proud Family.


He is Oscar Proud's successful and lifelong arch nemesis who made his fortune on a basketball shot that Oscar missed back in high-school; he now owns virtually the whole setting of the show. It is implied that Wizard Kelly is a pun for Magic Johnson. It is probably more accurate to say that Wizard Kelly's last name comes from the maiden name of Magic Johnson's wife, Earleatha "Cookie" Kelly. The gag on Magic Johnson's wife is extended in the fact that Wizard Kelly's wife is mentioned to be named Gingersnaps. The name of the town that the Proud Family lives in is Wizville, California, as shown when Penny gets her drivers license in The Proud Family Movie. Despite all the mean things he's done to Oscar, he still attends all of Wizard Kelly's events.

A running gag of the series is his notoriously lousy memory; that he doesn't remember the names of the main characters, no matter how many times they tell him. He always calls Zoey "Susie" and Oscar "Oliver Prune".

Wizard Kelly's face is never shown in any of the episodes. Instead, the shot is awkwardly angled so that he can only be seen from the neck down; but his face has made two separate appearances. Once in the "Sista Spice" episode, and in The Proud Family Movie when they were swept by the peanut butter. Wizard Kelly has Arnold Schwarzenegger-like employees. He is a retired former professional basketball player who made millions creating several entertainment properties.

He also has a twin brother named Lizard who runs the UBC television network. He owns many stores and businesses in town which makes him the mayor. He has a son named after him and a wife named Ginger S. Kelly. He also has a pet alien named Spats.


  • Ginger S. Kelly (wife)
  • Little Wiz (son)


  • Ironically, it was revealed in "One in a Million" that if Oscar had never missed that shot during the big basketball game, Oscar and Wizard would then have each other's lives.



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