Background information
Feature films Snow White and the seven Dwarfs, Fantasia
Television programs House of Mouse
Video games
Park attractions
Animators Ward Kimbell
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Occupation Predators
Goal to get a meal (succeeded)
Home Forest
Enemies The Animals
Likes Food
Powers and abilities
Typical Saying
The Vultures are two the minor villains from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Role in the filmEdit

They are first seen when the Evil Queen, disguised as an old hag, is cackling on the way to the cottage. Fooled into believing that she is a "harmless, old peddler woman," the gluttonous vultures follow her, thinking that eventually the Evil Queen will die due to her "old age." The vultures perch on a branch near the cottage of the dwarves. While the Evil Queen is trying to tempt Snow White into eating the poison apple, Snow White's animals spot the vultures and realize it is the Evil Queen in disguise, seeing that the witch's cloak is black similar to the Evil Queen's true form.

They are seen flying when the Evil Queen is fleeing from the dwarves who are trying to save Snow White, who has already bit the poison apple while the animal friends warned the dwarves. They perch on another branch, waiting for the Evil Queen to die. They watch as the Evil Queen prepares to kill the dwarves by rolling a boulder on them. However, lightning strikes the edge of the cliff while the Evil Queen is cackling thinking she is going to win. The Evil Queen falls to her death, much to the delight of the vultures. At the end, when the Evil Queen falls to her death, they fly down to devour her body off-screen.

The Evil Queen never had seen the vultures. So, she never knew that they had been following her and that they were planning to eat her when she died. Like most minor animal villains, the vultures are non-speaking characters. However, they are not-completely-evil villains since they only want to eat the Evil Queen who is the evil threat to Snow White, the protagonist of the movie. However, because of their sinister looks and grins and the fact that they think she is a harmless old peddlar woman, they are in fact evil. Unlike most animal villains who miss their prey, the vultures successfully get their prey in the movie because the Evil Queen died when she fell off the cliff, of course.