Vasquez and Rafferty
Background information
Feature films Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor José María Yazpik (U.S.)
Yoshiko Outa (Japanese)
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Cruel, greedy, and evil
Appearance Slender man, shoulder-length black hair, short beard, gold jewelry
Occupation Owner of the dog fights of Mexico and El Diablo
Alignment Bad
Goal To capture Chloe so he can ransom her for money
Home Mexico City
Friends Rafferty and El Diablo
Enemies Chloe, Delgado, and Papi
Minions Rafferty and El Diablo
Likes Dog fights, Chole's diamond collar, and money
Dislikes The law and getting caught
Powers and abilities
Fate Gets arrested by the Mexican police.
Typical Saying
Vasquez is the secondary antagonist in Beverly Hills Chihuahua.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua Edit

Vasquez runs the dog fights in Mexico City. He pits Chloe against El Diablo, although, noticing her diamond collar, realizes how much she's worth. Delgado rescues her before Vasquez can do anything about it, however, and he sends Rafferty and El Diablo after them. Diablo eventually captures Chloe, and brings her to Vasquez, however Papi - Chloe's lover - helps her get away, although he gets captured. When Chloe manages to free Papi, Vasquez pursued her, although she scared him off with her bark. Subsequently, he was captured by Delgado and arrested by Detective Ramirez.

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