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Uto and Kago are the secondary antagonists of Tarzan II. They are Mama Gunda's minions and sons.

Kago is voiced by Ron Perlman and Uto is voiced by Brad Garrett.

In the end, they were defeated and punished by Mama Gunda.

Personalities Edit

Uto is a stupid, childish and dumb gorilla who likes poking Kago to provoke him on purpose. He also gets angry when somone provokes Kago. He also likes to throw things off the cliff.

Kago is a bulking, sadistic and violent gorilla who likes to smash rocks. He is shown to be angry when someone scares Uto.

Kago hates being pocked, while Uto hates being called a 'Banana Brain'.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike Mama Gunda, Uto and Kago did not reform at all, but instead, they both got punished by Mama Gunda.