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The Thread of Life is a thread by the Fates. It is very long to cut through it. The Fates cut the threads with very large scissors to end the life of a mortal when they die. When the Fates are first seen, they have a Thread of Life which they cut through and end the life of an innoccent woman, and making the population of spirits in the Underworld 1,000,001. Late in the film, when Megara is crushed under a pillar and the Fates cut her thread and end her life. In their final appearance of the film, the Fates once more bring out a Thread of Life for Hercules while he swims into the River of Styx to save Megara's spirit. However, when they try to cut the thread, it glows a golden light and becomes indestructible due to Hercules' immortality being restored. This turn of events shocked the Fates, contradicting what they said earlier when they said they knew everything. 
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