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The Giant Magnet
is the main grumpy antagonist in the 1987 film, The Brave Little Toaster. He appears near the end of the film during the junkyard scene and the song "Worthless". As the cars are talking about their sad lives, he lifts them and drops them into a crushing machine, causing their deaths. He seems to not care about how sad the cars are, as he is the only one in the junkyard without a sad look on his face; in fact, he has an angry expression. After Toaster and the others evade him time after time, he gets so grumpy  he pulls everything in sight onto him and tries to destroy everything, but when the Master steps in, he tries killing him as well, as he is interfering with the destruction of the appliances. Toaster sees this and jumps into the gears of the crusher, stopping it just in time, defeating the magnet in the process. Since neither the magnet or the crusher were seen after this, or in any of the sequels, it is safe to assume they short-circuited and have not been repaired (especially if the master told anyone about it trying to kill him).


  • Giant Manget is used by Team Rocket to captured all Normal-Type and Water-Type Pokemon in Pokemon:Lights,Camera,Quack-Tion in 1999
  • Giant Magnet is the roles of Man from Bambi in 1942 is the Man used pack of dogs to attacked Faline while Bambi saved her! Man shooting at Bambi and burning the forest with campfire

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