Delinquent Road Hazards by JonnyDJ
The Delinquent Road Hazards
Background information
Feature films Cars
Television programs Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Jonas Rivera (Boost)
E.J. Holowicki (DJ)
Adrian Ochoa (Wingo)
Lou Romano (Snot Rod)
Performance model
Character information
Other names The Delinquent Road Hazards
Personality All: Sexy, evil, mean, uncaring
Appearance Boost: Purple Neon/Silver 1994 Mitsubishi 3000 GT)
DJ: Blue 2004 Scion xB
Wingo: Green and purple 2000 Nissan S15 Silvia
Snot Rod: Orange 1970 Plymouth Barracuda)
Occupation Race cars
Alignment Bad/Neutral
Goal To play pranks and cause mischief(all failed)
Friends Each other, Chick Hicks
Enemies Lightning McQueen, Mack, Sally, Sheriff
Minions Themselves
Dislikes Getting arrested
Powers and abilities
Weapons A Music Player (DJ)
Bright Lights (Wingo)
Fate Got arrested by Sheriff and were sentenced to fix the road.
Typical Saying

The Tuner Cars, or Delinquent Road Hazards, are minior antagonists of the 2006 Disney/Pixar film Cars. They are a group of four cars that intentionally cause trouble on the highway: Boost (Purple Neon/Silver 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse), DJ (Blue 2004 Scion xB), Wingo (Green and purple 2000 Nissan S15 Silvia) and Snot Rod (Orange 1970 Plymouth Barracuda).



The Tuner Cars catch Mack nodding off to sleep on the way to California. They amuse themselves by playing a prank on a drowsy Mack, nudging him onto the rumble strips along the shoulder. The resulting vibration causes Mack's trailer door to open and a sleeping McQueen to roll out of the trailer. When the chronically-sniffly Snot Rod sneezes, Mack is startled awake and accelerates away, leaving the still-sleeping McQueen behind near Radiator Springs, thus making the Tuner Cars mostly responsible for McQueen's disappearance.

The gang ultimately gets their comeuppance during the end credits of the movie when they make the mistake of speeding in Radiator Springs, causing them to be apprehended by the Sheriff for reckless driving and destruction of property and remanded to the impound yard to do their time. It is then later revealed that Doc Hudson himself sentenced the Tuner Cars to messy roadwork towing Bessie for their actions.

Cars: The Video GameEdit

In the Cars video game, a specific level relating to these characters is called "Delinquent Road Hazards", leading many fans to refer to their group by this name. They later appear in the short Tokyo Mater with the exception of Snot Rod.

The Tuner Cars also appear in Cars 2: The Video Game as downloadable playable characters. with racer in tokyo

Disney ParksEdit

DJ appears in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure as a drive-around character. He hosts a street party show in addition to general meet-and-greets.


  • The Tuner Cars like punk and heavy metal, and think they are extra smart.
  • It is uncertain how long they were sentenced to community service. Their early life is unknown due to the fact they are minor characters.
  • It is also unknown why the Tuner Cars are such troublemakers, unlike most other Pixar villains who would reveal their reasons why.