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The Altos (voiced by Freddy Rodriguez[1], Khary Payton[2], and Jacob Vargas[3]) are one-time guest characters and antagonists of The Proud Family.


They are a group of male bullies that Sticky Webb joined to get over his parents's divorce. Their names are Punch, Slap Master, and Stomp. After Sticky toured The Proud Snax Factory, he regrouped with them on the streets and gave them the secret to the Scavenger Hunt. Later after they cheated in the Wizard Kelly Scavenger Hunt and Sticky ratted out on them, they attempted to beat him up but were stopped by Oscar Proud, Trudy Proud, Penny, Suga Mama, and her friends.

Group MemberEdit

  • Punch aka Big Alto[4]
  • Stomp[5]
  • Slapmaster[6]

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season OneEdit

  • The Altos



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