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The Self-Elected Supreme Commander

The Supreme Commander of Mars.

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The Supreme Commander is the main antagonist in The Brave Little Toaster's direct-to-video sequel The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars. He is a giant refrigerator, and he is only the Supreme Commander because A: he is bigger than all the appliances and B: because he always elected himself. He despises humans because specific types (those working for the Wonder-Luxe company) built them to fall apart, which is why he intended to destroy earth. However, a touch from Robbie McGroarty, the Little Master (or the Big Master's baby boy) began to reform him. Inside him was a one-way escalator leading to a lake, which had a smaller refrigerator, which had the long-lost twin brother of Hearing Aid. Later, he changed, and with Toaster helping, he stopped Earth's destruction.

He is voiced by the late Alan King, but the surviving Jim Cummings did his singing voice.

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