Stan Cruge
Background information
Feature films Santa Buddies
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Christopher Lloyd
Performance model
Character information
Other names Cruge
Personality Mean (formerly), selfish (formerly), harsh (formerly), good-hearted, generous
Appearance Slender old man, saggy fair skin, gray hair, brown hat, vest and pants, red shirt
Occupation Dogcatcher
Alignment Bad, later good
Goal To catch and sell dogs (formerly), to give away free puppies and regain his Christmas spirit
Friends Edy, Mikey's family
Enemies All dogs (formerly)
Likes Doing his job, (later), christmas, doing good deeds
Dislikes Christmas (formerly), dogs escaping, being dogpiled
Powers and abilities
Weapons Net
Fate Is seen outside at the big Christmas tree singing with everyone else.
Typical Saying "No money, no mutt."
Stan Cruge is the main antagonist of the 2009 film Santa Buddies.

Role in the filmEdit

At the beginning, Stan Cruge was seen capturing Tiny at a dark alley. He then took her to the pound. Later, a man was trying to ask him to adopt Tiny for his son, Mikey, who had influenza. However, Cruge needed $300 for her and refused to sell her even if he didn't have enough; he would not just give away free puppies for Christmas. It is possible that he was either greedy or was just trying to make a living like anyone else would.

Later, Cruge saw that Puppy Paws was loose in the streets and tried to seize him; However, Puppy Paws outran him. The day after that, after Puppy Paws got depressed from eavesdropping on the Buddies, Cruge successfully captured him and took him to the pound. There, he took off his collar which read: "Property of the North Pole." He hung it up along with the others, not beliving that Puppy Paws was from the North Pole. He locks up Puppy Paws in the same cage as Tiny.

The Buddies later snuck into the pound to come rescue Puppy Paws. As he was freed, Cruge was dogpiled and licked on by several other dogs. Later, he had them re-locked into their cages. He notices Eddy being behind one and was startled that he could talk. Eddy reminded Stan Cruge that when he was little, he wanted a dog for Christmas. However, Santa knew that Cruge's mother was allergic to dogs and that it was not the right present to give to the family. This caused him to hate Christmas. When Eddy finished talking to Cruge, he used his magic collar to escape the pound. Cruge learns that the only way to heal his broken heart was to give to those in need.

Cruge eventually had a change of heart and started to give away free puppies. He finds a letter on the floor from the man from before and reads it. Cruge was able to learn where the man's house was and tries to deliver Tiny to them in the snowy weather. He leaves her at the door, knocks on it, and runs off. Mikey and his parents discovered Tiny and took her in. His dad noticed that Cruge was responsible for her arrival.

In the end, he was invited to a christmas dinner. At the big christmas tree, Cruge, Mikey, and everyone else was singing "Silent Night".


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