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Scary Trees
The Scary Trees are the minor villains in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White and the Seven DwarfsEdit

The Scary Trees is an dangerous forest.Owls screeched at her.Three branches grabs Snow White's ankles as she screams and ran out.Hunched tree looked like an elephant-like lion. Floating logs turning terrible alligator while Snow White tries to free from dark water. She was surrounded by blazing, glowing eyes that glared at her. She collaped to the mossy ground and sobbed like a crybaby.


  • Scary Trees takes the scareness form just like Youmas in Sailor Moon
  • Scary Trees appeared in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep
  • After Snow White's soften crying that Scary Trees hates sunlights,Sailor Moon's crying is painful for Youmas
  • In this comic book version,Dumbo and Simba gots lost into woods as Scary Trees surrounded two animals after Ronno is rudely tossing Dumbo and Simba into deep woods in Dumbo,Simba and the Enchanted Forest

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