Savages was a song sung by Governor Ratcliffe Many consider it to be "the Pocahontas version of The Mob Song 
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Part OneEdit

Ratcliffe: [singing] What can you expect from filthy little heathens? Their whole disgusting race is like a curse. Their skin's a Hellish red, they're only good when dead, they're vermin as I said and worse! The're-

English soliders: [singing] Savages! Savages!

Ratcliffe: [singing] Barely even human!

English Soliders: [singing] Savages! Savages!

Ratcliffe: [singing] Drive them from our shore! They're not like you and me, which means they must be evil, we must sound the drums of war!

English Soliders: [singing] Savages! Savages! Dirty redskin devils!

Ratcliffe and English Soliders: [singing] Now we sound the drums of war!

Powhatan Chief: [singing] This is what we feared, the paleface is a demon, the only thing they feel at all is greed.

Medicine Man: [singing] Beneath that milky hide, there's emptiness inside.

Pocahontas' Brother: [singing] I wonder if they even bleed!

Powhatans: [singing] They're savages! Savages!

Powhatan Chief: [singing] Barley even human!

Powhatans: [singing] Savages! Savages!

Powhatan Chief: [singing] Killers at the core.

Medicine Man: [singing] They're different from us, which means they can't be trusted!

Powhatan Chief: [singing] We must sound the drums of war!

Powhatans: [singing] They're savages! Savages! First we deal with this one, then we sound the drums of war!

Both Sides: [singing] Savages! Savages!

Ratcliffe: [singing] Let's go kill a few, men!

Both Sides: [singing] Savages! Savages!

Ratcliffe: [singing] Now it's up to you, men!

Both sides: [singing] Savages! Savages! Barely even human! Now we sound the DRUUUUUUUUMS OOOOOOOOF WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!

Part TwoEdit

Ratcliffe: [singing] This will be the day. Let's go men!

Powhatan Chief: [singing] This will be the morning. Bring out the prisoner!

Powhatans: [singing] We will see them dying in the dust!

Pocahontas: [singing] I don't know what I can do, still I know I've got to try.

English Soliders: [singing] Now we make them pay!

Pocahontas: [singing] Eagle, help my feet to fly.

Powhatans: [singing] Now without a warning.

Pocahontas: [singing] Mountain, help my heart be great.

Engish Soliders: [singing] We will leave them blood and bone and rust!

Pocahontas: [singing] Spirits of the open sky, please don't let it be too late!

Both Sides: [singing] It's them or us! They're just a bunch of filthy stinking savages! Savages!

English Soliders: [singing] Demons.

Powhatans: [singing] Devils.

Ratcliffe: [singing] KILL THEM!

Both Sides: [singing] Savages! Savages!

Ratcliffe: [singing] What are we waiting for? Destroy their evil race until there's not a trace left!

Powhatans: [singing] Now we sound the drums of war!

English Soliders: [singing] We must sound the drums of war!

Ratcliffe and English Soliders: [singing] Now we show what comes of trying to be chums!

Both Sides: [singing] Now we sound THE DRUMS... OF... 'WAR'!!!!!!!!!

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