|image = 762e4.jpg |name = SECUR-T |films = WALL-E |voice = Teddy Newton |occupation = Police bots |enemies = WALL-E, EVE, M-O, reject bots |fate = Most destroyed, but one reprogrammed to help the human restore Earth to its former glory (as seen in the end credits) |quote = "Halt." (numerous times) ||friends = AUTO|inspiration = Police|affiliations = Buy n Large|goal = To maintain order aboard the Axiom(all failed) SECUR-T (known as Steward-Bots) are the tertiary antagonists in WALL-E. They are AUTO's minions. When WALL-E and the other malfunctioning robots were roaming the Axiom to get the plant into the holo-projector, AUTO programs the Steward-Bots to chase after them. The Steward-Bots attempted to stop the robots with freeze lasers, but EVE and the ejected robots destroyed them all. However, during the end credits of the film, it is shown that some Steward-Bots are helping the humans rebuild a building after the Axiom has landed, implying that not all of the Steward Bots were destroyed and could've possibly been rebuilt and reprogramed to help the humans restore their civilization on Earth.


On the Leapster back cover, it says "Help EVE blast robots to fill in the missing letter to get WALL-E and EVE home", instead of Steward Bots.

Known words or phrases said in the movieEdit

"Halt": the most common phrase said by the Steward bots if they see trouble.

"Please hold. We are currently having..." a Steward bot before the door closes on him, after being scared by EVE.

"Wrong": a Steward bot after detecting an error in a malfunctioning robot

"Please remain stationary. A service bot will be here to assist you momentarily." A steward bot to an Axiom passenger who has fallen off their chair

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