Ricky King 2
Ricky King
Background information
Feature films Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Jojo Adams
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Mean, selfish, arrogant, laid back, romantic, smooth talking
Appearance Slender teenager with golden blond hair with side bands tucked behind his ear, brown eyes, fair skin, jeans with light brown t-shirt, and black windbreaker with white inside black cord necklace with round bronze medallion
Alignment Bad
Friends Jenny Szalinski (formerly), Trey, Vince
Enemies Jenny Szalinski, her friends, Adam Szalinski, Mitch Szalinski, Wayne Szalinski, Diane Szalinski, Gordon Szalinski, Patti Szalinski
Minions Trey and Vince
Likes Jenny (formerly), kisses, bullying shorter boys
Dislikes Being discouraged, his kisses being unwanted, Adam and Mitch, Gordon pretending to be God
Powers and abilities
Fate Runs out of the house with his friends when Gordon pretends to be God
Typical Saying
Ricky King is the main antagonist of "Honey, We Shrunk Ourseleves".

Role in the filmEdit

He is a mean bully and the crush of Wayne and Diane's niece Jenny Salinski. He and his two minions, Trey and Vince, show up at Jenny's house party (at her uncle's house, of course) uninvited and bullies Jenny's brother Mitch and cousin Adam around, forbidding them to be downstairs for being shorter. He then steals an unwanted kiss from Jenny, causing her to discourage him. As revenge, Ricky and his group mess up the house until Gordon, pretending to be God using the hot-wired speakers, scares them away.

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