Background information
Feature films
Television programs Timon and Pumbaa (TV series)
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Corey Burton
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Vain, sneaky, vindictive
Appearance Slender, muscular man, black hair, pink nose, shaven face, purple work helmet, blue work shirt
Occupation Varies with each episode
Alignment Bad Later Good
Enemies Timon, Pumbaa, Speedy The Snail, Smolder the Bear
Likes Overpowering Timon and Pumbaa
Dislikes Being outsmarted by Timon and Pumbaa
Powers and abilities Strength
Weapons Axe
Fate Gets eaten and digested by Smolder the Bear in "Ready, Aim, Fire."
Typical Saying "I am C. Quint."
Quint is a muscular man with varying roles, who appears as a recurring antagonist in the Timon & Pumbaa TV series. He is voiced by Corey Burton.


Quint is muscular in build with black hair, a pink nose, and a shaven face, though his clothing is constantly changing along with his occupation in the show. For example, in the episode "Truth or Zaire," he appears as a wildlife photographer, while in "French Fried," he is a French cook trying to make escargot out of Speedy the Snail, a friend of Timon and Pumbaa.


Though his occupation does vary throughout the series, he will almost always go out of his way just to annoy Timon and Pumbaa. Most of the time Quint is vain, sneaky and arrogant, but has been known in a few episodes to be merely a non-villainous man with an honest job (though still manages to get in the way of Timon and Pumbaa's plans somehow or another). For example, in "Klondike Con," Quint begins as a courteous man helping Timon and Pumbaa, with Timon not gaining his trust, helping them get gold. When Timon and Pumbaa have the sack of gold with them as they are falling off a cliff, Quint says to throw the gold to him to help them get back up. Timon, still in distrust, declines his offer. However, Pumbaa reminds Timon all the good things Quint had done for them, so Timon decides to throw the bag to Quint so he could save them. At that moment, from "Courteous Quint" he turns into "Claim Jumper Quint" and steals the gold from Timon and Pumbaa.


  • Quint is the only human to have met and had a confrontation with Simba (and vice versa), as seen in "Rome Alone."
  • Quint also has a habit of giving himself "nicknames," usually in relation to his jobs/roles in the various episodes he appears in. Ex. "Criminal Quint" as a robber, "Congo Quint" as a photographer, etc.
  • Quint makes a cameo in the comic, Go Fish!.
  • Quint is very similar to Mickey Mouse's archenemy Pete, Yosemite Sam from Looney Tunes, and Chester from Codename Kid's Next Door, as they all have varying occupations. Quint may have inspired Rancid Rabbit from Catdog as they have the previously mentioned qualities as well as a pink nose, cause trouble for the titular duo, and serve as antagonists alongside a carnivore with two males and a female.


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