Captain Nathaniel Flint
Background information
Feature films Treasure Planet
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Animators John Pomeroy
Voice Peter Cullen
Performance model
Inspiration Captain Flint from Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island
Character information
Other names Captain Flint
Personality Greedy, ruthless, deceitful, paranoid, cunning, scary, selfish, eccentric, destructive, contemptuous, sadistic, mean, cruel, rude, sneaky, arrogant, aggressive, menacing, evil, cocky, violent, devilish, mysterious, unsympathetic, manipulative, diabolical, heartless, oppressive, treacherous, unmerciful, dangerous, uncaring, loathsome, villainous
Appearance Slender, olive skin, skeletal, long brown hair, multiple yellow eyes, sharp teeth, fangs, red shirt, black jacket and pirate hat
Occupation Space Pirate captain
Alignment Bad, later good
Goal To keep his treasure safe
Home Treasure Planet
Enemies B.E.N., Jim Hawkins, John Silver
Minions Pirates, B.E.N. (formerly)
Likes His treasure
Dislikes His treasure being stolen
Powers and abilities
Fate Takes B.E.N.'s brain away from him and dies on Treasure Planet.
Typical Saying "Fire!"

Captain Nathaniel Flint is a minor antagonist from Disney's 2002 feature film, Treasure Planet. Captain Flint was remembered by history as one of the most feared space pirates of all time.


Treasure PlanetEdit

He belonged to an unnamed alien species with skull-like faces, fangs, and multiple eyes. Apparently he stole Treasure Planet from a highly-developed species of an unknown name. After many years of looting merchant ships, Flint buried a vast enormous treasure in the center chamber of treasure planet (which is in fact a giant alien mechanism). He entrusted the map to Treasure Planet to his first mate Billy Bones and stole the memory chip of his robot navigator, B.E.N.. Flint also set the whole planet to explode if someone should find his treasure. Shortly after setting up this booby trap, he stayed inside the center of Treasure Planet with his treasure and soon died guarding it.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original Treasure Island novel, Captain Flint's name is Captain J. Flint. But it is unknown, what the J. stands for. And in contrast to the one in the movie, the novel version of Flint actually wanted someone to find his treasure, having used a corpse to point the way to it.