Background information
Feature films
Television programs Aladdin Series
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Bebe Neuwirth
Performance model
Inspiration Bast the Cat Goddess or Sekhmet the Lion Goddess
Character information
Other names Evil Incarnate
Personality Cat-like,Evil,Short-tempered
Appearance Cat-headed woman with glowing green eyes.
Occupation Evil Incarnate
Goal Killing Aladdin and his friends, taking Abrabah under her control
Home Morbia
Friends Queen Narissa, Nasira
Enemies Aladdin,Jasmine,Genie,Abu,Iago,the Sultan,Phasir,anyone who stands in her way
Likes Magic and Power
Dislikes Anyone who gets in her way,Aladdin
Powers and abilities Creating mirages,Poisoning people,disguising herself as a regular human
Fate Keeps getting defeated at the end of each episode
Typical Saying "You're so tiresome with your hopeless causes!"


Mirage is a villain from the animated series "Aladdin". Like Mozenrath, Mirage is one of Aladdin's most powerful enemies in the series. Though she is indeed evil, her true intentions are unclear at times. In the Aladdin episode "Eye Of The Beholder", Mirage tests Aladdin and Jasmine's love for each other by turning Jasmine into an anthropomorphic snake. She also makes Jasmine poisonous to the touch. Her plan ends up failing, when Aladdin transforms himself into a snake, using the last of the poison Mirage had given to Jasmine. The prophet, Phasir appears to Mirage and tells her that her plan failed and destroys the curse, allowing Aladdin and Jasmine to turn back into humans. Another time, she turned Aladdin's old friend, Amal, against him. She also summoned a flying cat named Chaos in an attempt to cause trouble for Agrabah. However, even Mirage feared Chaos, due to the fact that he was, in fact, more powerful than her. In the words of Genie the blue cat has "got more magic in his little whiskers than a palace full of genies." Put simply Chaos is extreemly powerful, perhaps the most powerful being in the series. In order to get Chaos to come to Agrabah, Mirage told him that Agrabah was boring. Chaos hates boring and set off to make things more interesting. But in the end, everyone found out that Chaos was using Mirage the entire time and set her up in a situtation where she had to "save the day" in order to save herself. Mirage lost and Chaos got to make things more interesting.

Physical Appearance Edit

She is an Egyptian cat with a golden helmet.


The Lost Ones, In the Heat of the Fright, Shadow of a Doubt, When Chaos Comes Calling, Eye of the Beholder, and While the City Snoozes

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