Master Control Progam
Background information
Feature films Tron
Television programs
Video games Kingdom Hearts Series
Park attractions
Voice David Warner, Corey Burton
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality power hunrgy, selfish, greedy
Occupation Ruler over the world inside the ENCOM system
Goal to get world domination
Home The world inside the ENCOM system
Enemies Tron, Kevin Flynn, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy
Minions Sark
Likes Sark
Dislikes Users, Tron
Powers and abilities
Fate gets deleted by Tron
Typical Saying "End of line."

The Master Control Program is the main Villain of the 1982 Movie "Tron"

Role in the film Edit

The MCP was created by Dr. Walter Gibbs.He ruled over the system inside Encom's computer system. During his reign he  enslaved many programs and forced them to play games against its henchmen and Sark .

Dillinger used the MCP to administer the company's computer network. However, the MCP started to act on his own will. It stoal data from other systems, and took control over some companies and institutions. Its intelligence - and ambition - grew nearly out of control, and the MCP grew to desire nothing less than world domination.

A Mistake that lead to his own defeat was that he digitized former ENCOM programmer Kevin Flynn, who allied himself with the security program Tron. Their joined forces lead to the MCP's deresolution.

Kingdom Hearts II Edit

The Master Control Program appears in Kingdom Hearts II as the main Villain of the world Space Paranoids, a world thats in the Computer of Hollow Bastion.

His role in the game is just similar like his his role in the movie.

He tries along with Sark to take over the system and to get himself rid of the users but there plan was stopped by Sora, Donald, Goofy and Tron.

After the Master Control Program is beaten Tron takes over the role as the leader of the system.

Trivia Edit

In an episode of the american animated series "South Park" the MCP played the role of Moses.

In Kingdom Hearts II The Master Control Program was voiced by Corey Burton instead of his original voice actor David Warner.

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