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Background information
Feature films
Television programs Adventures of the Gummi Bears
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Tress MacNeille
Performance model
Character information
Other names Sweetie (referred to by a guard), The Sweetest Woman in the World (referred to by Calla)
Personality Vain, mean, snobbish, spoiled, evil
Appearance (In her real form): Ugly, hunched-up, elderly witch with gray hair and thick eyebrows plus eyelids and bags, grayish-green skin with her tall nose and two warts at it, without teeth, with beige vest and long tan brown skirt plus dark brown cape
(In a princess form): Slender, fair skin, with mahogany brown hair, red lips, purple eyelids, very thin black eyebrows, long white angel-like U-necked wedding dress with golden rope and a stripe and long sleeves plus white boots, her veil and her golden crown
Alignment Bad
Enemies Calla, Sunni Gummi, King Gregor
Likes Enchating people with magic, getting her way, being the future queen after marrying King Gregor
Dislikes Sugar, being defeated, being thrown to the ground by the guards, not getting her chances to steal people's (including King Gregor's) fortunes
Powers and abilities Magic
Fate Got ran into the ruined wedding cake and taken out of the castle by King Gregor and his guards.
Typical Saying "There are always other kingdoms for the taking."
Marzipan is a minor villain and an antagonist from the episode, Eye of the Beholder of Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears.

Role in the episodeEdit

She likes to enchant people magic but she is almost married to King Gregor, plus she is stopped by Sunni who figured out that sugar is her only weakness. But in her real form from the beginning to the end of the episode, she was quite ugly.