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Man was the main antagonist of Bambi and the secondary antagonist of Bambi II. He is unseen throughout the entire film and is very famous for his dangerous acts; he was recognized as one of the AFI's greatest movie villains, and is the second highest Disney villain out of the three on the list (the Evil Queen is the highest out of the three, while Cruella DeVil is the lowest). Despite popular belief, Man is only human and the name, mentioned by Bambi's mother and the Great Prince, may have referred to more than one hunter in the story.


In the film, Bambi's mother teaches her son the danger of Man. He is depicted as a sneaky, murderous, and destructive creature, feared by the animals. During Bambi's initial encounter with his future lover Faline, all the deer run as Man arrives. Bambi is lost among the chaos, and is guided back to mother by his father, the Great Prince of the Forest, just as the gunshots ring out.

Man succeeds in stirring up trouble and during the winter, when Bambi and his mother are feeding on spring grass, Man arrives and kills Bambi's mother off-screen. Bambi, left alone and scared, is rescued and cared for by his reluctant father, the Great Prince of the Forest.

Man appears once again, but this time Bambi has grown up. Man and his dogs arrive and spread real terror, killing many animals in the process. The Man's dogs pursue Faline but Bambi comes to her rescue by causing a rock slide crushing the hounds.

Man's foolishness results in a forest-fire by leaving his campfire lit. While the forest goes up in flames, Bambi and the forest animals flee to an island in the lake. Man was possibly killed by the flames (again off-screen).

However, He may have survived the fire and escaped. We may never know.

He later appears unseen in the sequel, Bambi 2, where he lures Bambi with a deer whistle and sends his hunting dogs, which appear on-screen, to kill the fawn, only to be thwarted by Bambi's father. Man then sends his dogs again to kill Bambi when a doe, Mena, gets caught in a trap. But Bambi is able to defeat them.

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