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Background information
Feature films Cinderella, Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True, Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time, Mickeys House Of Villains, Basil Of Baker Street (as Basil's Pet)
Television programs House Of Mouse, Basil Of Baker Street (as Basil's Pet)
Video games Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Park attractions
Animators Ward Kimball
Voice June Foray (deceased) Frank Welker (Currently)
Performance model
Inspiration Ward Kimball's funny calico
Character information
Other names
Personality Lazy, Heavy, Spoiled, Mean, Evil, Sly
Basil: Cute and Stubby
Appearance A fat black cat
Occupation Tremaine Estate

Basil's House (current)

Alignment Bad
Goal To catch and eat the mice and ruin Cinderella's life further (failed)
Home Cinderella's Chateau
Friends Lady Tremaine
Enemies Bruno, The mice, The birds, Cinderella, Rope Girl, Basil, Basil, Scar, Stinky, Corn
Likes Eating, Lounging, Getting his way
Dislikes Not having his way, Insults about him, Dogs
Powers and abilities Speed and cunning
Weapons Fangs and Claws
Fate Turns into a human and falls off into a river and stranded as he returns back into his feline form and never been seen again
Typical Saying "Meeeeeoowww!!"

Lucifer is the tertiary antagonist of the Cinderella franchise. He is the pet and minion of the film's three, Lady Tremaine, and it is his evil doing that makes half of Cinderella's life miserable for her. Lucifer is a big, fat, useless cat that takes advantage of every chance to make the whole world accommodate his desires. Lethargic, indolent, and a ruthless bully, he's an extra threat because he is also quick, strong, and clever. He is a nemesis to Cinderella's mice friends and the other animals living on Lady Tremaine's estate, and would hunt the two hero mice, Jaq and Gus. Though, they outsmart him. He personifies the Deadly Sins Gluttony and Slothful, which is the same Deadly Sin that Lady Tremaine embodies.



Lucifer first appears when Cinderella wakes him up early for early breakfast as the fat cat is appointed to eat first. When Cinderella tries to give Lucifer some breakfast, he antagonizes Bruno the Dog by goading him, and framing the poor dog for falsely attempting to harm Lucifer when he was scratched on the nose, and was sent outside. Though, the cat's pride is short-lived when Cinderella only gives him a saucer of cream for his breakfeast. Meanwhile, Jaq, Gus and the other mice try to get their breakfast, and while Jaq distracts Lucifer, the other mice get their food.

Later on, Jaq and Gus try to free Cinderella, who was locked away by Lady Tremaine by delivering her the key, but Lucifer captures Gus in a teacup, the key along with it. In the final battle, the mice and birds try to fend off Lucifer, only to fail. Cinderella sends the birds to bring Bruno, and save Gus. The bold bloodhound arrives and gets rid of Lucifer by chasing him out the tower window, and the evil cat falls into the farmyard below.

Ben and MeEdit

A brown fat cat resembling Lucifer makes a cameo at one scene of this one-shot featurette, chasing Christopher Mouse. June Foray reprises her role as Lucifer in that cartoon.


When Jaq and Gus moved into the castle with Cinderella in the comics, Lucifer followed them and attempted to continue tormenting them, but as a result, by royal decree, cats were banned from within the castle walls. Lucifer would eventually return to antagonize Jaq and Gus again after they came to live on Grandma Duck's farm.

Cinderella II: Dreams Come TrueEdit

Lucifer later appeared in the two sequels. In the 2nd movie, he only appears in the 3rd and final segment, An Uncommon Romance, where he falls in love with the snobby palace cat, Pom Pom, to the point that he makes a deal with the mice never to chase them again if they help him reconcile with Pom Pom. The plan works, but Pom Pom goads Lucifer into helping her catch and eat the mice. His treachery backfires and Pom Pom dumps him. The mice, who are upset with Lucifer breaking his promise, whack him over the head with a broom, with Jaq telling Lucifer that "The deal is off!"

Cinderella III: A Twist in TimeEdit

In the third film, Lucifer is first seen begging Anastasia and Drizella for some food, but they unknowingly throw his bowl in the sink. Later, when Anastasia brings the Fairy Godmother's wand to the house, the Godmother and her get into a fight, accidentally turning Lucifer into a goose in the process. After Lady Tremaine reverses time with the Fairy Godmother's wand, Lucifer resumes his role as adversary to both Cinderella and the mice. When the Jaq and Gus are stalking the key to save the wand, they unknowingly put Lucifer's tail in the fireplace, putting the cat into a screaming fit. When it comes to Cinderella being chased by the palace guards, the mice use the wand on Lucifer, turning him into a jack in the box, but he still continues to chase them. Then they shrink the cat, but he chases the mice in a mouse hole, and when they run out, Jaq and Gus turn Lucifer back into his normal size and run for their lives, leaving him stuck in the hole. Later, In his most notable scene, Lady Tremaine turns him into a human coachman to take Cinderella and the mice as far away from the palace as he can, preferably to their deaths. But during the chase, however, Cinderella manages to have Lucifer tumble off the coach and into a lake in the middle of the forest they were in during the scene. By the time he swam out to safety, the spell had wore off, and Lucifer was a cat once more, leaving him stranded in the woods. He was never seen again for the remainder of the film.

House of MouseEdit

Lucifer has made numerous cameos in the television series, House of Mouse. In the episode; "Jiminy Cricket", Lucifer can be seen at a table with Drizella and Anastasia. In "Goofy's Menu Magic", Lucifer is seen at a table imagining Jaq and Gus as cooked chickens after not receiving his evening meal. In "Goofy's Valentine Date", Lucifer attacked Mortimer after he attempted to flirt with Anastasia and Drizella.

Lucifer also appeared dancing in the conga line with many other Disney Villains in Mickey's House of Villains. Frank Welker provides Lucifers screeches and meows in the series.

Personality Edit

Lucifer, like his mistress, is evil and sly. Though he does take advantage of every chance to make the whole world accommodate his desires. And despite being lethargic and indolent, Lucifer is a ruthless bully, and as an extra threat he is quick, strong, and connivingly clever. Despite his name, Lucifer is more gluttonous and slothful, but does have pride; an example would be when he awaits haughtingly of what his "good points" are from Cinderella's point of view, though she herself has difficulty finding an answer due to his cruel streak.

Despite doing as her stepmother tells of her, even Lucifer knows that Cinderella doesn't have good faith in him, especially since he is very cruel to both her and her friends. Lucifer is especially a sadist, as he gets a good laugh in making Cinderella's chores harder and more annoying than before and takes great joy in watching Lady Tremaine torture Cinderella into doing more chores whenever he and/or Cinderella's friends do something wrong (though when one of those chores include Lucifer getting a bath, it is something he greatly hates, especially since he is a cat hating water). Because Cinderella knows of his bullying nature, she usually becomes disappointed in his actions, but nevertheless holds out hope for a long while that he could be redeemed. Eventually, when she is locked in her room by Tremaine to keep her from matching glass slipper, as Jaq and Gus deliver the key to free her, Lucifer holds Gus and the key hostage under a teacup, and despite her pleas, she comes to realize that her hope of the evil cat changing his ways cannot happen. Even then, Lucifer now has no need to worry about Cinderella stopping her; this proves half his downfall.

While he likes to hunt mice to satisfy his belly and/or just to appease Lady Tremaine, he also bullies Bruno, and blames him for crimes that he wouldn't dare to commit. At that point, the contemptuous cat has confidence that as long as he shatters the poor dog's spirit and with Cinderella's undying commitment to respecting her guests, he is safe. This, however, proves to be his own error as when he traps Gus from saving Cinderella, his gluttony and pride consume his mind, making him forget about Bruno's courage and love for Cinderella, and that she is no longer on his side. Thus when the bloodhound arrives to save his friend, he finally sees his chance to fullfill his dream - to defeat Lucifer. Lucifer, who sees Bruno's courage before him and now that he has lost Cinderella's sympathy and control, finally quakes in fear, yeowling with fright. This newfound fear of losing control and desperation to keep himself unscathed leads him to his downfall as he tries to escape Bruno, leaping out the tower window, and plummeting to his near-presumbed death.

Appearance Edit

Lucifer's breed is a little unknown. He has black fur, with a pale underside, paws, and tail tip. He has yellow eyes with green irises. Due to his gluttony and slothful, Lucifer is big and fat to represent his desire for a pampered and cozy lifestyle, and his insane craving for mice, especially for the round Gus. Despite his scrawny legs, Lucifer still has his fast cat speed and reflexes, and it is usually his gluttony that gives him this speed to appease his hunger.

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