Lonesome Ghosts
Background information
Feature films Lonesome Ghosts, Mickey's House of Villains
Television programs House of Mouse
Video games
Park attractions The Haunted Mansion
Actor Billy Bletcher
Animators Walt Disney
Voice Billy Bletcher
Performance model
Designer Walt Disney
Character information
Other names
Personality Very Bad Sometimes Good
Appearance very funny, foolish, happy
Alignment Bad
Home Lonesome Manor
Enemies Mickey Mouse Donald Duck Pete and Goofy
Likes complaining to each other
Dislikes Not being able to scare anyone
Powers and abilities Ghost Tricks
Weapons none
Fate ran away
Typical Saying We ll Scare The Pants Off Em
The Lonesome Ghosts are the minor villains featured in the 1937 short Lonesome Ghosts. All of was these ghosts were voiced by Billy Bletcher. 

Role in the filmEdit

They were bored ("we don't have no fun no more") so they called in the Ajax Ghost Exterminators (Mickey, Donald, and Goofy) so they can "scare the pants off of them". In the end, they trap Goofy in a dresser and shove it down the stairs (where Mickey and Donald were waiting), and they collide with tar and flour. The ghosts rush downstairs, see them, and think they're ghosts. They run through the hallways (knocking stuff over) shouting "Ghosts!". They crash out the window and turn invisible, making footprints in the snow as they run off into the distance. Donald shouts after them "So ya can't take it, ya big sissies!". Amen to that.


All ghosts have greenish white skin and tongues, and red noses. They all wear black derbies, green footie pajamas with no sleeves, and matching shoulder capes. On an interesting note, the only distinguishable ghost is the third ghost to appear in the short, being abnormally short and having an extraordinarily tall derby.


  • They make a cameo in the House of Mouse episode House Ghosts to scare Pete and pull his underwear.
  • This short aired as part of "Disney's Halloween Treat" and "A Disney Halloween". These two specials aired from the 1980s to the late 1990s. 
  • The Lonesome Ghosts also appear as part of The Haunted Mansion alongside the other Disney ghosts.