Lil' Lightning
Background information
Feature films 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Jason Alexander
Performance model
Character information
Other names Lightning
Lil' Buddy
Personality Brave, popular, heroic, confident, kind, thoughtful, helpful, highly skilled, greedy, arrogant, selfish, self-centered, cunning, deceitful, tricky, jealous
Appearance Light-orange Pembroke Welsh Corgi, creamy peach fur, cream-colored paws, blue leather collar with a license of a lightning bolt
Occupation Thunderbolt's sidekick (formerly)
Alignment Neutral, later bad
Goal Take Thunderbolt's place as the star
Home London, England
Friends Thunderbolt (formerly) , Cruella De Vil
Enemies Thunderbolt, Patch, Penny
Likes Being appreciated, taking over Thunderbolt's show, fame, ladies
Dislikes Being unappreciated, Thunderbolt receiving all the fame over him
Powers and abilities Speed, deception
Weapons Teeth, claws
Fate Arrested by police dogs and most likely thrown in the pound
Typical Saying "Well... I did have this... one crazy thought..."

Lil' Lightning is the hidden and primary antagonist of 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure. He is Thunderbolt's former sidekick and best friend.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Lil' Lightning is a light orange Pembroke Welsh Corgi with creamy peach fur. He has cream-colored paws.

He wears a blue leather collar with a license of a lightning bolt.


Lil' Lightning is a trusted ally and a good friend and sidekick to Thunderbolt, having known him since puppyhood.

However, he eventually became increasingly frustrated and extremely jealous of Thunderbolt's fame and attention from ladies, as well as making him feel insecure and unappreciated (aside from Thunderbolt acting like a jerk to him). This is the reason Lightning started to be against Thunderbolt. Afterwards, Lightning secretly planned to get rid of Thunderbolt so he could take his place on the show (which would have become The Lil' Lightning Adventure Hour) and steal the attention from him.

Whilst he is sweet, trusty, cute, and precious, Lightning can also be clever, sneaky, and conniving. Even though he originally betrayed Patch and Thunderbolt, Lightning still shows a bit of remorse and genuine feeling (as well as redeeming qualities) when Thunderbolt fakes his death towards the end of the film, crying for him and thinking he is actually dead (since he had never planned to have him killed and never had a desire to do so), saying through tears, "Good night, sweet prince."

Overall, Lightning is not in any way a bad dog; he was just overcome with jealousy at Thunderbolt getting more attention and admiration than himself.


  • Lil' Lightning is sometimes thought to have been the hidden main and secondary antagonist of the film. However, this is not true as Cruella had bigger plans. Lil' Lightning is also far less unscrupulous than Cruella and Jasper and Horace.
  • He is somewhat similar to non-Disney villain Steele from Balto. They are both canine fame seekers and want to get their rival out of the way so they can keep the fame to themselves (Balto for Steele; Thunderbolt for Lil' Lightning).