King Leonidas
Background information
Feature films Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Television programs House of Mouse
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Lennie Weinrib
Jim Cummings (currently)
Performance model
Character information
Other names The King
Personality Short-tempered, charismatic, pirate harty, kind (sometimes), intelligent, no-nonsense, grouchy, lion-hearted, encouraging (sometimes), organized, naughty, impatient, diligent, accountable, self-absorbed, testy, harsh, emotional, knowledgeable, industrious, nice (sometimes) and great-hearted (sometimes)
Appearance A robed and crowned lion with a soccer uniform underneath the robe
Occupation Ruler of Naboombu
Alignment Bad, sometimes good
Goal To keep Astoroth's star and win soccer matches
Home Isle of Naboombu
Enemies Elengatine Prince, Professor Emilius Brown, Charlie Rawlins, Paul Rawlins, Carrie Rawlins
Minions Secretary Bird, Colonel in Wolf
Likes Soccer
Dislikes Lack of a soccer referee, no soccer games, being disobeyed
Powers and abilities Speech and other human characteristics bestowed by Asoroth, soccer talent
Fate Gets turned into a Rabbit (but back to normal later)
Typical Saying "Har, har, har, har!"

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King Leonidas is the main antagonist leader of the animals on his island in the movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Like the other animals of the isle, he has the power of speech (with a Boston/Irish accent) and other human attributes due to the spell of the wizard Astoroth. The King wears the Star of Astoroth, a golden medallion inscribed with the words to substitutiary locomotion spell. He looks somewhat like Prince John, especially since the two also share a short temper, but more like Shere Khan due to their big chins and identicle noses.

Initially friendly, the King is delighted when he is told that Mr. Browne has experience as a football captain. He makes Mr. Browne the referee for the royal football match. Mr. Browne, after being trampeled during the match, performs what he calls a "gypsy switch". Upon discovering that his precious medallion has been exchanged for the referee's whistle, the King flies into a rage and orders the entire population of Naboombu to pursue Ms. Price, Mr. Browne and the children.

In a desperate attempt to escape, Ms. Price uses a spell, and finally succeeds in turning the fearsome lion into a long-tailed rabbit. His final fate remains unknown afterwards.

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