Lena Gogan
Background information
Feature films Pete's Dragon
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actress Shelly Winters
Performance model
Character information
Other names Ma Gogan
Personality Abusive, manipulative, controlling, uneducated, lazy
Appearance Dirty face, filthy clothes and hat, bad teeth
Goal Recapture her adopted son, Pete, whom she and her family use as a personal slave
Home The hills outside Passaaquoddy, Maine
Friends Merle Gogan (husband), Grover Gogan (son), Willie Gogan (son), Dr. Terminus
Enemies Pete, Nora, Lampie, Elliott the Dragon
Minions Her husband and sons
Powers and abilities
Fate Ends up chasing her horse who is chased away by Elliot
Typical Saying “You're never gonna get away again! We're gonna put chains on ya when you're workin'!"

Lena  Ma Gogan is the tertiary antagonist from Pete's Dragon (1977). She and her family purchased Pete for $50 (plus .50 cents legal fees) so they could use him as a personal slave. She makes Pete do everything on the farm by himself and is extremely abusive towards him. She first appears in the song The Happiest Home in These Hills, trying to find Pete (who's run away) with her husband and two sons. The Gogans track Pete to Passamaquoddy, determined to retrieve their slave. She here appears in the song Bill of Sale. The Gogans team up with Dr. Terminus to try to capture Pete and Elliott the dragon.

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