Junior the Buffalo
Background information
Feature films Home on the Range
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Animators Dale Baer
Andreas Deja
Doug Frankel
Eric Pigors
Mike Disa
Robert Espanto Domingo
Christopher Sauve
Voice Lance LeGault
Jim Cummings (current)
Performance model
Character information
Other names Junior
Personality Serious, strong, confident, valiant, bold, tough, obedient
Appearance Large, stocky brown American bison
Occupation Slim's steed (formerly)
Farm buffalo
Mrs. Calloway's husband
Alignment Neutral, later good
Goal To serve Alameda Slim (formerly)
To court Mrs. Calloway (succeeded)
Home Echo Mine (formerly)
Little Patch of Heaven
Friends His wife Mrs. Calloway, Maggie, Grace, Lucky Jack, Buck, Barry & Bob, Rusty, the farm animals, Pearl Gesner, Sheriff Sam Brown, Alameda Slim (formerly)
Enemies Alameda Slim, Buck (formerly)
Likes Mrs. Calloway
Dislikes Buck's arrogance, being tricked
Powers and abilities
Weapons Horns, hooves
Fate Lives on Little Patch of Heaven and marries Mrs. Calloway
Typical Saying "Cows only."
"Nice hat, ma'am."
"I'll knock you into next Tuesday!"
"Right this way, lil' lady. Tell 'em Junior sent ya."
"And the joker is wild. Oh, yeah."
Junior the Buffalo is a former antagonist in Disney's 2004 animated film, Home on the Range.


Junior is very serious-minded and imperturbable for a buffalo. He also doesn't take kindly to trespassers, namely those who are not "cows", according to him. He talks in a deep, ominous voice and tries to maintain his composure when agitated. Like Grace, Junior is immune to Slim's yodeling, but for Junior, it's because he's is a buffalo, not a cow; whereas Grace (who is a cow) is just tone-deaf. He also apparently has a crush on Mrs. Calloway, as he behaves toward her in a very coquettish and flirtatious manner.


Home on the RangeEdit

Junior is Alameda Slim's valiant "steed". Unusual for a villain's sidekick, he is portrayed as neither good nor bad, just simply doing his job. He is very polite to cows and even flirts with Mrs. Calloway upon seeing her by complimenting her hat. He also tires of Buck's arrogance when the horse attempts to get through Echo Mine's entrance, despite Junior saying repeatedly, "Cows only."

Later in the film, Maggie, Mrs. Calloway and Grace show up along with Lucky Jack (a jackrabbit who helped the cows reach Echo Mine), and Junior lets them all pass. When Buck questions Junior about this, the buffalo states, "They're cows," and when Buck brings up the rabbit, Junior replies, "Well, obviously, he was with the cows." Buck tries convincing Junior that he was with the cows too, but to no avail.

Sometime later, Buck tricks another horse into leaving his post so he could get back with Rico and then gloats. However, Buck is overheard by Junior who snorts angrily, as he had been right behind him. Junior is later seen chasing Buck around Echo Mine. He is shown to be immensely strong and survives a considerable fall after the cows inadvertently push him down the mine shaft. Junior soon makes his way out of the mine shaft and continues chasing Buck, but turns away after hearing Slim, who had been captured by the cows, calling for him.

At the end of the movie, Junior has left the services of Alameda Slim (since Slim is in jail) and arrives, along with Barry and Bob, at Little Patch of Heaven, where he courts Mrs. Calloway. He also dances with all the other farm animals as they celebrate Pearl's farm being saved and re-opened.


  • Junior is similar to Rico in that they both have deep, ominous voices and are completely obedient.
  • When Junior gets pushed and falls down the mine shaft, his yell is supplied by the classic Goofy holler sound effect.