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You Poor Unfortunate Soul, this "Jock Newbody,"
has been found to need Ursula’s Touch.
It MUST be rewritten, see the light, and make a switch!!
So says Ursula:
the true queen of Atlantica.

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Who is the Fairest One of All? Certainly not Jock Newbody!, this "Jock Newbody,"
needs more pictures.

So says the Sprite of the Magic Mirror:
the smartest one of all.

Jock Newbody is a villain from the animated series "Darkwing Duck". He is an old dog who created his own Fountain of Youth. He required one of Darkwing's tail feathers to complete it. He was restored to his young, muscular self. Soon, he accidentally went into the fountain and was a baby again. 
You Sweat Your Life - old Newbody explains

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