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Jackson storm
Jackson Storm
Background information
Feature films Cars 3
Television programs
Video games Cars 3: Driven to Win
Park attractions
Voice Armie Hammer
Performance model
Inspiration Chick Hicks
Character information
Other names Storm
Personality Arrogant, selfish, catty, sarcastic,
Appearance Black high-tech racecar with neon blue highlights
Occupation Rookie racer
Alignment Bad
Goal To win the Florida 500(all failed)
Enemies Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, other racers
Likes Becoming better than Lightning McQueen, himself.
Dislikes Losing
Powers and abilities Speed
Fate Loses when Cruz defeats him
Typical Saying
Jackson Storm is the secondary antagonist in the Disney/Pixar 2017 computer-animated feature film, Cars 3.

Role Edit

Jackson is introduced as a rookie in the racing world, where he tries his best to beat Lightning McQueen. But speed racer will beat Jackson Storm. He is a ford gt

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