This is the format that I would like for you all to use when making an article

Put Name of Character Here
Background information
Feature films Put the villain's film(s) here
Television programs If a villain appears in a television show, this should be included
Video games Place any video game appearances here
Park attractions
Actor If a villain is a live action male this should be filled out
Actress If a villain is a live action female this should be filled out
Animators If they are animated, put their MAIN animator here
Voice Put a character's voice actor(s) here
Performance model This field is usually not needed however, if the animator used a model for the character, a credit should be place here
Designer If the character is live action, include who designed their costume
Inspiration Tell where the artist/story-writers got their ideas for this character
Awards If a villain has won an award, place that information here
Character information
Other names Any alternate names the villains go by should be put here
Personality Use one word answers seperated by commas to describe the character's personality
Appearance Use one word answers seperated by commas to describe the character's physical appearance
Occupation Place the job of the villain here
Alignment If the villain is a member of a team,be sure to include this
Goal Briefly tell us what this character is trying to do
Home Basically tell us what this villain's lair is
Friends Put any one considered a friend by the villain here (this doesn't include minions)
Enemies Any enemies of the villain should be included here
Minions Any of the villain's henchmen should go here
Likes Put something that this villain enjoys
Dislikes Put something that this villain doesn't like
Powers and abilities Include any special abilities this villain posseses
Weapons Include any weapons this villain posseses
Fate Put their state at the end of the film
Typical Saying Include a memorable quote that they said, this should be in quotation marks ("")

Here you should include the villain's name, film, and voice actor/actress.

Role in film

This should include a detailed summary of the villain's role in the film, not the film as a whole. This section should be no shorter than three paragraphs. If this section has more than six paragraphs, please break it up into smaller sections. These smaller sections should have a large paragraph or two paragraphs. DO NOT STOOP INTO INTERPRETATIONS HERE!


This should include a detailed description of this villain's personality, their likes and dislikes, etc.


Describe their physical appearance in depth.

Behind the Scenes

Include additional information about design, choosing the voice actor, and changes made during production.

Other Media

Include summaries of their roles in video games, television series, etc.


Include pieces of addition information that don't fit anywhere else in the article.


Include a list of sources used to write this article.

External Links

Provide outside websites that will help the reader learn more about the character here

Accurate Categories should be included at the bottom

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