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Hook's Pirate Army are the minor antagonists from 1953 movie Peter Pan, a musical number of It's Our House Now! from direct to video: Mickey's House of Villains. These henchmen adore treasure and they never have they trusted Hook so much he is known to shoot his own minions for singing. This is shown in the Beginning of Peter Pan. Hook shot a pirate for singing in his ship. These pirates are more intellegent than Mr. Smee. They tease him and dislike him aas shown in the beginning of Peter Pan. during their break, they thrown knives at a portrait of their "beloved captain", which is Captian James Hook of course. They long to do some real pirating agan. They also like treasure and like to make people walk the plank. Captain Hook drives his crew batty by sailing no more. He even called them worthless dogs in Peter Pan 2.

Role in Peter PanEdit

They first appear singing "A Pirate's Like Is For Me". Then they tease Mr. Smee. Hook later shoots once of the pirates for singing. Then soon another pirate alerts Hook that he sees Peter Pan and where. Mr. Smee is ordered to pipe up the crew. The crew try to shoot Peter Pan and his friends down but are unsuccessful and fare defeated.

Later in the movie a pirate named Fatso (A.K.A Atso) gave Mr. Smee his hot water to give to Captain Hook. the pirates are summmoned to capture Peter Pan, The Lost Boys, and the Darling children once they found out where the hideout was. Back at the boat, Hook and the pirates try to convince the children to become pirates or else walk the plank. All are tempted expect Wendy, who maintain to the other captive that Peter Pan will save them. The pirates all laugh for Hook and Smee told the captives that they left a disguised bomb for Peter Pan to open and die at six o'clock at night,

Tinker Bell who was locked in a lantern by Captain Hook to prevent her from telling his plans, manages to escape and warn Peter. Wendy says that she nor the other captives will never join therir crew. The pirates make her walk the plank first. but Peter Pan, unseen by the pirates, rescues her. Peter Pan surprises Hook and they fight. hook orders his henchmen to chase the fleeing captives but all are defeated by the captives. They're all seen escaping on a lifeboat to rescue Captain Hook from the crocodile.

Role In Peter Pan 2Edit

The pirates capture Jane, thinking it is Wendy to lure Peter Pan to his doom. The plan is to drop Jane into the water so Peter Pan try and save her so Peter Pan can get eaten by the octopus. The plan is defeated thanks to Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell lifts the octopus on the the boat so Peter and Jane can get away.

The pirates tthen search for Peter Pan and find him and the Lost Boys, thanking Hook tricking Jane. The pirates taker their stolen treasure and prepare to kill Peter Pan and the Lost Boys when Jane arrives with Tinker Bell. The pirates are defeated they escape on a lifeboat along with Hook and Smee chased by the octopus.

House of MouseEdit

The Pirate crew are appears in cameo with Captain Hook and Mr.Smee. They singing It's Our House Now with the Disney villains in Mickey's House of Villains.

Jake and the Never Land PiratesEdit

Main article: Sharky and Bones

Video game appearancesEdit

The pirates commonly appear alongside Hook and Smee in several video games, usually based off the film. They appear in games such as Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land, Return to Never Land (video game), and Peter Pan: Adventures in Never Land.

Kingdom Hearts seriesEdit

In Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Smee is on the boat in Ventus' story of the game and he calls out to the crew to fire cannon balls at Ventus and Peter. The part of Hook's crew in Kingdom Hearts is played by numerous Heartless instead of the original characters, presumably having been disposed of once Hook joined Maleficent's alliance.

Epic MickeyEdit

Their Wasteland counterparts once lived in Tortooga until Hook was forcibly converted into a Beetleworx at Skull Island and many of them were captured and converted as well. Smee and a few others, including Damien Salt and Scurvy Pat, escaped to Venture Land and have been trying to settle in there.

Kinect Disneyland AdventuresEdit

The pirates are seen during the Peter Pan's Flight mini-game. They are first seen holding Cubby hostage in an attempt to learn the whereabouts of Peter Pan. When Pan and the player arrive however, Hook orders the crew to attack. They do so by blasting canons at both Peter and the player. By reflecting the cannonballs, the player if able to defeat the crew and go after Hook.

Disney ParksEdit

The crew appear as minor characters in shows and other appearances usually seen aiding Hook. Sharky and Bones make appearances as puppets in Disney Junior Live at Disney California Adventure and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Peter Pan's FlightEdit

All members of the Jolly Roger can be seen as audio animatronic. First they are seen ready to kill Wendy and the boys and are later seen beaten down after Peter arrives.


In the original Disneyland version, the crew take part in a Peter Pan inspired scene where they battle Peter until being foiled yet again.

Mickey's Soundsational ParadeEdit

Two pirates appear in the Peter Pan unit fighting with Pan while Hook and Smee watch from close behind.

Dream Along with MickeyEdit

The crew are casts as dancers in the show and are not working for Hook but are apart of Goofy's dream to have a life of fun and adventure.

List of The Neverland PiratesEdit

Captain James (Ravello) Hook – Leader of the pirates, who was one of Blackbeard's boatswain and the only man Long John Silver ever feared.

The Crew:

  • Red Jessica
  • Smee
  • Skylights
  • Bill Jukes
  • Black Murphy
  • Mullins
  • Turk
  • Starkey
  • Ed Teynte
  • Cecco
  • Cookson
  • Noodler
  • William Slank
  • Alf Mason
  • Little Richard
  • Black Pirate
  • Robert Mullins
  • George Scourie
  • Charles Turely
  • Foggerty
  • Bones
  • Sharky

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