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Goosey Loosey

Goosey Loosey is the secondary antagonist of the Chicken Little franchise. She is Foxy Loxy's henchwoman and best friend.


Goosey is mean, rude, and tough, as well as slow, dim-witted, and absentminded.

She tends to follow any order given to her anyone (usually by Foxy Loxy).


Goosey is a white goose with a orange bill orange feet, a long neck and blue eyes.

She wears a red dress with a red and white checkerboard collar and with red and white checkerboard lace sleeves on her dress, she has some red hairbands in bowties with pigtails. Goosey wears some make up on her eyes.

Despite the fact she is a goose, she has fingers instead of feathers on her hands.


  • Goosey doesn't really speak, she just quacks, honks, and squawks.