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It MUST be rewritten, see the light, and make a switch!!
So says Ursula:
the true queen of Atlantica.

  1. 'thumb|link=File:160fullgaston.jpg'The Villagers are the supporting antagonists in the 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast. In the beginning, they sing with Gaston's song, but later became antagonistic and want to kill the Beast when they became Gaston's minions. When the mob and Monsieur D'Arque walk in the town village, Gaston and his horse led them to the castle. They were attempting to enter the castle, but they used a log to enter. The objects started to attack them and they were hurt. Every member of the mob, including LeFou were hurt and injured.

In House of Mouse, they appear in the episode, "Everybody Loves Mickey" and they are referred as "Angry Villager People" singing "Let's Slay the Beast".

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