Background information
Feature films WALL-E
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Small and easily recognizable due to the red police light atop
Appearance Small robot with large shoulders and a red glowing head
Occupation AUTO's Henchman
Alignment Bad
Affiliations AUTO
Goal To get rid of the plant and help AUTO(all heavy damage failed).
Home Axiom(all damage catastrophe destroyed destruction)
Friends AUTO
Enemies WALL-E, EVE, M-O, Captain B. McCrea
Minions Axiom's Stewards
Dislikes Humans, interferences
Powers and abilities
Weapons Tractor Beam


Fate Thrown out of the Captain's Stateroom, then crashed when he hits the Axiom's Lido Deck near the swimming pool.
Typical Saying

GO-4 is the secondary antagonist in WALL-E. He is one of AUTO's minions.


GO-4 ("Gopher") units are robots built by the BnL Corporation tasked with overseeing security aboard spacecraft, as well as handling miscellaneous other tasks. One of them is a villain in the film, which is accidentally killed when it is flung out a window.


They're quite small, and easily recognizable due to the red police light atop their bodies.

Bio in the filmEdit

A GO-4 unit served aboard the Axiom as the Captain B. McCrea's first mate.


It seems to be a pun on both "Gopher" and "Go for"


  • GO-4 is the 1st Pixar minion and 2nd Pixar villain (beside Emperor Zurg) to fall to his death.
  • When GO-4 is sent flying out of the window, he makes a whistling sound and a smash sound very similar to the sound Wile E. Coyote makes when falling off a cliff in Looney Tunes.
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