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Background information
Feature films The Great Mouse Detective
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Frank Welker
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Occupation Ratigan's loyal cat
Alignment Bad
Goal to eat Queen Mousesia(all blushing faint heavy damage destroyed destruction & failed)
Home Sewer's Lair
Friends Ratigan
Enemies Basil, Olivia, Toby, Dr. Dawson, Hiram
Powers and abilities
Weapons Sharp teeth, claws
Fate Got mauled by the royal guard dogs
Typical Saying "Meow."

Felicia is the tertiary antagonist of The Great Mouse Detective. She is Professor Ratigan's fat spoiled pet cat. Ratigan treats her with love and with respect because she is loyal to him.


In The Great Mouse DetectiveEdit

In the film, Felicia first appears when Professor Ratigan summons her to eat one of Ratigan's mouse henchmen, Bartholomew, for calling him a rat. Felicia eats Bartholomew. Felicia later appears when Ratigan summons her to eat Fidget for forgetting the list of Ratigan's to get stuff for Ratigan's plot. Fidget is swallowed alive and soon, Ratigan gets an idea. Ratigan kindly tells Felicia to release Fidget.

Felicia later appears to takes Ratigan's mouse thugs to the queen's castle to activate Ratigan's plot. Fidget captures the queen and he tries to feed the queen to the cat buts fails when Basil and and Dr. Dawson save her. Fidget almost looses his balances and almost gets eaten by the cat but manages to survive. Felicia later appears getting chased by Basil's faithful dog, Toby. Felicia manages to climbs safely from the dog. However, she's attacked by the queen's guard dogs. It is unknown whether Felicia was killed then or made it alive injured or not uninjured. She does not throughout the movie.


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  • Like Pom Pom, Felicia is an evil pet non-talking cat who is more of a comedy relief.


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