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El Diablo
Background information
Feature films Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Edward James Olmos
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Appearance Slender Doberman Pinscher, black collar with tracking device
Occupation Dog Fighter
Alignment Bad
Goal To capture Chloe, to defeat Delgado permanently
Friends Vasquez and Rafferty
Enemies Chloe, Papi, Delgado, Manuel, Chico, Mickey and Friends
Likes Fighting other dogs, taunting Chloe
Dislikes Delgado, Papi taunting him, his boss caught
Powers and abilities
Weapons Teeth, claws, brute strength
Fate Captured by Delgado, taken to the pound, then adopted by a rich lady who makes him wear dresses
Typical Saying "You don't like my SMILE?!"

"The show's over for you, chica!" "You'll pay for this, Delgado! I'll find you!" "Delgado! Still trying to be the hero!"

El Diablo is the secondary antagonist of Beverly Hills Chihuahua. He fights at the dogfights at the behest of his owner, Vasquez. Prior to the film, he had a run-in with Delgado, a police dog, where Vasquez injured Delgado's partner, resulting in Delgado losing his sense of smell and being thrown out of the police force.

Beverly Hills ChihuahuaEdit

Beverly Hills Chihuahua El Diablo

El Diablo and Chloe in the dog-fighting ring

In Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Vasquez sets him against Chloe in the dogfighting ring. Diablo is about to kill her when Delgado saves her. Vasquez fits Diablo with a GPS and sends him after them. Diablo pursues them, eventually capturing Chloe and bringing her to Vasquez. However, Papi, Chloe's lover, shows up and helps Chloe escape, although he gets captured. When Chloe frees him, Diablo corners Papi while Vasquez tries to catch Chloe. When Chloe discovers her bark and scares Vasquez away, she then attacks Diablo, although he throws her aside, knocking her unconscious. He is pinned by Delgado, although manages to slip away.

While it isn't shown in the film, Delgado, now a police dog again, apparently manages to track down and capture Diablo, according to Papi's brief description at the end of the film about what happened to some of the characters afterward. Diablo is sent to the pound, where "he was adopted by a rich lady with a passion for fashion."


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