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Disney Villains

Disney Villains is a Walt Disney Company franchise based on animated fictional characters who have been featured as part of the Disney character line-up. Some of these villain characters have appeared in sequels, video games, comic books, stage productions, or live-action adaptations of the original films.

Official characters used in marketing the Villains franchiseEdit


This list of characters are those featured in Disney productions and merchandise as "official" villains. While other characters may also have been classified as villains in their own stories, they have not been included as part of the Disney Villains franchise.

Main Group/Major AntagonistsEdit


  • Villain merchandise is available at the Villain's in Vogue store dedicated to the Disney Villains at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This first store was so successful that the Disneyland Villain Shop was opened afterwards in 1991.
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  • USAopoly has released a number of products featuring Disney Villains. Among them are a Monopoly-based board game called "My Disney Villains Monopoly" where the players decide which of 30 villains can appear on each space on the board (characters that appear in the game that are not part of the official Villain list include the Beagle Boys, Cheshire Cat, Lucifer, Mad Hatter and Madam Mim); a checkers game; and a collector's card game set.
  • Several books dedicated to Disney Villains have been released. Among them are Disney Villains: The Top Secret Files by Jeff Kurtti, Disney's The Villains Collection: Stories from the Films by Todd Strasser, Disney's Villains: A Pop-Up Book by Walt Disney Company, and Disney Villains: The Essential Guide and Disney Villains (Ultimate Sticker Books) by DK Publishing. There are also books to color like Disney Villains: All the Rage and Disney Villains Giant Book to Color ~ Diabolical Deeds!
  • A Disney trivia called "Who Wants to be a Villionaire" is loosely based on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and features several villains as hosts, asking questions about the film in which they are featured. The "Phone-a-Friend" feature is renamed "Phone-a-Fiend" and will connect the player to Cruella de Vil.
  • There is sub-franchise derived from Disney Villains entitled "Disney's Divas of Darkness" (shortened as Disney Divas). The official line-up so far includes Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil, Ursula and the Queen of Hearts.Part of the merchandising includes a porcelain figurine collection.
  • There is a lot of villains called vinylmation series 1-5 each set will have a mystry chaser
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Live eventsEdit

Several characters from the Disney Villains franchise make appearances at Disney's Hollywood Studios in the daily Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade, and in Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade. Each parade features a float dedicated to villains: SpectroMagic (a Chernabog float), and Parade of Dreams (an Ursula float) The villains are also meetable characters at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

A 1999 exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum entitled "The Disney Villains" included displays featuring Disney's official villains, along with other villainous characters such as the Hunter from Bambi, Clayton from Tarzan, and Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear from Song of the South.
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Disney villains

Disney Villains play a vital role in the night time show Fantasmic!, performed at the Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios theme parks. In the shows, the Evil Queen decides it is time to finish off Mickey Mouse once and for all, and invokes other villains to help her.

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween PartyEdit

Disney Villains appear in Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, a Halloween-themed event held annually during the months of September and October at the Magic Kingdom theme park of the Walt Disney World Resort and at Disneyland Paris Resort. A stage show and meet-and-greet with the villains led by Maleficent titled "The Disney Villains Mix and Mingle" is held on the Cinderella Castle Forecourt Stage. Among those to visit are the Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, Frollo, Cruella, Jafar,Dr faciler,and the Evil Queen among others. During the fireworks show HalloWishes some villains arrive to the celebration, starting with Ursula "plopping in" on the party and adding her own musical mix to the festivities. Jafar and Oogie Boogie (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) soon follow, and arriving last is Maleficent showing the audience how Halloween should really be celebrated. in Hocus Pocus villain spelltacular the sanderson sisters comes to a living world for 1 night on hallows eve they want to throw the most villlain party this kingdom had ever seen but they will need some help with the disney villains. they need 3 important ingredents sinister shadows,fairest nightmares and frightful friends whitch you see dr faciler, oogie boogie and maleficent she conjures up a few villains like Evil queen, Hades, cruella de vil and more. the villains are on the parade called boo to you parade it features 17 villains over the years like oogie boogie,evil stepsisters from Cinderella,bowler hat guy and a lot more. in 2014 there were last in the parade because people love the villains. there is a dining called villains sinister soiree features lady tremaine, maleficent,evil queen, cruella DE vil and dr faciler it was a one year event in 2014. also club villain was a 1 year event as well for the soiree.  

Dream Along With MickeyEdit

In the Dream Along With Mickey stage show at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, the Disney Villains appear onstage to threaten Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. Maleficent states that since people no longer believe in dreams, it is the perfect time for her to return to power and make the Magic Kingdom "the Place Where Nightmares Come True" - a play on the Disney parks' slogan of "the Place Where Dreams Come True." She is also accompanied by Captain Hook and his sidekick Smee.

Villains TonightEdit

The Disney villains star as the main characters in the Disney Cruise lines' variety show, Villains Tonight. This musical stage production features Hades on a quest to get more evil in the Underworld by summoning up Disney's most powerful villains so that he can keep his job. This show features Hades, Maleficent, Jafar, Doctor Facilier, the Queen, Cruella De Vil, Captain Hook, Scar, Yzma, and Ursula in a variety of comical situations while performing various musical numbers from their respective appearances. This show debuted on the Disney Magic cruise ship March 27, 2010.

The Disney Villains ShowtimeEdit

the disney villains comes to disneyland paris it starts with maleficent celebrates halloween with minnie mouse and then 7 villains came out out of graveyard. jafar,hook,ratcliffe,shan yu,gaston,frollo and cruella de vill and then maleficent sings its good to be bad. and from the parade from disney world sing the same song but from the skeleton band. in 2010 dr faciler takes maleficent place and sings friends from the other side 

Rock Your Disney Side 24 hour event Edit

the 24 hour event features a lot of villains like bowler hat guy,oogie boogie, Stromboli and lady tremaine and at night there is a parade called its good to be bad from mickeys boo to you Halloween parade but it is a remix to that a song

Cinderella Surprise Celebration Edit

this show features 4 villains includes captain hook,shan yu,Jafar and the leader evil queen to destroy cinderella's party but they got defeat by there heroes and fairy godmother

Kooky spooky halloween parade and show Edit

this parade and show features a lot of villains from maleficent to distroy the party. includes her goons, honest john, sheriff of Nottingham,Hades, Jafar,cruella de vil, big bad wolf, frollo and herself but they celebrated halloween leaving maleficent to the party.

Disney on Ice Celebration Edit

this ice skate show features hook,maleficent,evil queen, cruella and jafar to celebrate halloween but they got scared by ghosts

Mickey and His Halloween Night Edit

it starts with dr faciler singing his song and then maleficent comes to the party to ruin halloween and she brought her friends like ursula, cruella de vill,lady tremaine,ratcliffe, jafar,Hades,Big bad wolf,shan yu,evil queen, frollo,captain hook and queen of hearts. but they got destroyed by mickey mouse and merlin also faries

Fantillusion Edit

this includes ursula,maleficent,evil queen, jafar and chernabog to distroy the night.then they say star light star bright we take this light and make it night. thats not all they transform themself but got defeat by there heroes

Share and Celebrate a Dream Come True Edit

There is a float with 5 diffrent villains like evil queen,maleficent,jafar and cruella de Vil on the back is a magic mirror and ursula but got retired in 2010 it is use for the Halloween parade.

Club Villain (2016) Edit

it"s an dinning event at disney Hollywood studios for January and February it will feature the queen of hearts,evil queen, maleficent,cruella and leader for the event dr facilier you will meet and greet with the villains while you dinning in

Unleash the villains Edit

it was an event at Disney's Hollywood studios for Friday the 13th featured a lot of villains like Hades,maleficent, bowler hat guy and oogie boogie at the end of the night there was a firework show called villainy in the sky featuring music from your favorite Disney movies in 2014 they change the name to villains unleased to 50 villains unleashed even star wars join in the celebration. also there was oogie boogie freaky funhouse show at the theater of the stars and maleficent for the villainy in the sky annocement 

Maleficous show Edit

is at Disneyland Paris for 2011 maleficent teaches Dr faciler how to be pure evil and bad. but 5 villainous friends like captain hook and queen of hearts for lessons number of 5 at the end of the teaching same thing for the villains showtime but different music

its good to be bad (show) Edit

At Disneyland Paris for 2015 each show is for 2 or 4 minutes with all of 13 villains each villain will have appearances only 4 evil queen,Dr faciler,cruella and maleficent. but summons 10 villains like Frollo,lady tremaine, captain hook,old hag,jafar,gaston , queen of hearts and stepsisters. at the end of the show they come to meet you all and then the final appearances of all of the villains

Cinderella castle mystery tour Edit

there was a ride/walk tour but closed at Tokyo Disneyland magic mirror summons 5 villains like horned king and maleficent but all of them got destroyed by there guests.

Villains world Tokyo Disney sea Edit

it starts with the villains maleficent, jafar,hook, evil queen and hades they brought mickey and friends to the show

world of color celebrate Edit

during the 60th anniversary celebration the celebrate montage of villains starting with cruella, jafar, hopper, Ursula, maleficent,scar,Sid Philips, king candy, Dr faciler, chernabog, stinky Pete, hook and prince Hans. and that was it

Wishes Edit

the only villain was in is the evil queen from snow white to make her wishes come true.

mickey's pirates of the Caribbean Edit

mickey's pirates of the Caribbean is a show for Disney cruise line show only villains are pirates like captain hook and mr smee but got distroyed by mickey and friends

Feel the magic Edit

maleficent led them to the show in 1993 of Tokyo Disneyland she had friends on the show and they were Ursula jafar and the hyenas they captured Minnie mouse and Donald but mickey save them and the villains were distoryed and defeated

Mickey's not so scary Halloween show Edit

an interruption was in the Halloween show and the villains showed up. it starts with maleficent then she conjured up the evil queen disguised in the old hag and gives snow white an apple which was posioned she faints and the evil queen succeeded. then maleficent conjures more villains and they were gaston,frollo and jafar. and they sing there songs until mickey come up from the fog and he had surprised for the villains. it was trick or treat meaning sweet to the children and they agreed.

Starlight Dreams Edit

maleficent brought the villains over to Tokyo Disneyland. the villains were Chernabog, Frollo,Ursula,Jafar, Hades and herself. they got destroyed in the end

Cinderellabration Edit

the villains were the queen of hearts and lady tremaine along with Anastasia and drizella they had a huge fight untill the queen of hearts stop them and the party beganed

Other mediaEdit

Television specialsEdit

Characters from the franchise have been featured in television specials. The first, Our Unsung Villains, was aired in 1956 as part of Walt Disney Presents. In the special, Walt Disney himself hands duties over the Evil Queen's Magic Mirror, who hosts a show devoted to Disney Villains such as Big Bad Wolf, the Evil Queen and Captain Hook, along with Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear. In 1977, there was an update to this show entitled Disney's Greatest Villains, that featured the Evil Queen and Captain Hook again, along with eight other characters from the franchise, plus Madam Mim and Willie the Giant. Segments from this special were featured in A Disney Halloween. in Disney on parade the magic mirror conjures up 4 villains Stromboli, big bad wolf old hag and cruella DE vil

Mickey's House of VillainsEdit

Disney Divas
The Disney Villains star in Mickey's House of Villains, film adaptation of the Disney Channel animated television series Disney's House of Mouse. Set during a Halloween party, Jafar, Cruella de Vil, Captain Hook, Ursula and Hades take over the house with a musical number of "It's Our House Now!", and all the other villains in the house join in. In the process, they trap all the heroes in the kitchen, throw Mickey and the others out into the street, and change the House's name to the "House of Villains". Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Minnie in turn try to return things to normal, but Chernabog keeps throwing them out. Afterwards, Mickey dresses in his famous sorcerer outfit from Fantasia and challenges Jafar to a magical duel using fireballs. Mickey's sorcerer hat is bounced off and there is very little time to put it back on, but then Aladdin saves the day by escaping the kitchen to the backstage room on the magic carpet and giving Daisy who gives Mickey the lamp to trap Jafar. Mickey sucks Jafar into the lamp, while the rest of the villains flee, restoring the house to normal.

Kingdom HeartsEdit

In the Kingdom Hearts series of action role-playing games developed and published by Disney Interactive Studios and Square Enix, Disney Villains play a major role as they seek to harness the power of darkness within the Kingdom Hearts. Led by Maleficent, the villains are antagonists in different worlds, such as the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland, Hades in the Olympus Coliseum, Jafar in the city of Agrabah, Ursula in Atlantica, Captain Hook in Never Land, Chernabog in End of the World, Shan Yu in the Land of Dragons, Scar in the Pride Land, the Evil Queen in Dwarf Woodlands, and Lady Tremaine in Castle of Dreams. Pete appears as Maleficent's main henchman in Kingdom Hearts II. Other villains outside the official line-up that also make appearances include Clayton in Deep Jungle, Oogie Boogie in Halloween Town, Hector Barbossa in Port Royal, the Master Control Program from Tron in Space Paranoids, Captain Gantu in Deep Space, and Lucifer in Castle of Dreams.

Kingdom KeepersEdit

In The Kingdom Keepers, Disney Villains play the role of "Overtakers".
Dungeon of Doom

Disney's Villains' RevengeEdit

Disney's Villains' Revenge is a video game which tells the story of how the Evil Queen, Captain Hook, The Queen of Hearts, and The Ringmaster from Dumbo change the story from the original movie to the way they wanted the story to end, with no "Happily Ever After".

Secret VillainsEdit

The majority of Disney's villain characters are regarded as being age 55 or older. A study from Brigham Young University mreviewed seventy years of Disney films, and found that 42% of the 93 characters reviewed reinforced negative stereotypes of elderly people by portraying those characters as evil or sinister. The conclusion was that Disney was influencing children to have preconceived notions about all older adults.

Disney Villains proved their mark in cinematic history when the American Film Institute named The Queen as the 10th greatest movie villain of all time. Other Disney Villains on AFI's list were Bambi's Hunter and Cruella de Vil. AFI did not rely on Disney's classification of who qualified as a villain, but used this definition instead: a "villain" was defined as a character(s) whose wickedness of mind, selfishness of character and will to power are sometimes masked by beauty and nobility, while others may rage unmasked. They can be horribly evil or grandiosely funny, but are ultimately tragic.

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