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Background information
Feature films Brother Bear
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Jason Raize

Harold Gould (when old)

Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Relentless, persistent
Appearance Black hair, goatee, blue fur jacket
Occupation Bear hunter, Kenai and Sitka's brother
Alignment Good (sometimes), bad (sometimes)
Goal Avenge Kenai's "death"
Friends Amos Slade, Alameda Slim
Enemies Koda's mother (formerly)
Minions Sitka
Likes kenai
Dislikes Bears (formerly), the Caribou stampede
Powers and abilities
Weapons Spear, knife
Fate Continues living in the village
Typical Saying "You'll always be my little brother"

Denahi is the semi- antagonist in the 2003 film, Brother Bear, voiced by the late Jason Raize. He is the brother of Kenai, the film's main protagonist. He has a normal brotherly relationship with Kenai and their eldest brother, Sitka, until Sitka is killed by a bear in a fight that Kenai provokes. After that, Kenai sets out for revenge, but Denahi blames Kenai rather than the bear. Kenai eventually kills the bear, but, as punishment, the spirits turn him into a bear. By the time Denahi arrives, Kenai's transformation is complete, leading Denahi to believe that the bear killed Kenai as well and swears revenge for the death of his two brothers. He continuously sets traps for and attacks the bear until the end of the film, when he discovers that the bear actually is Kenai, at which point he ceases and accepts his brother's fate. His role as an antagonist is an interesting one, in that he is actually fighting the one he thinks he is getting revenge for. The film is also narrated by his older self.

Denahi did not appear in Brother Bear 2, because his voice actor, Jason Raize committed suicide in 2004, 2 years before the sequel was released.

  • Denahi's voice actor also portrayed Simba in the Broadway version of The Lion King.
  • Denahi was voiced by the late Harold Gould when he was elderly.

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