"Cutting Edge" is a song sung by Plugsy and the Cutting Edge Appliances in The Brave Little Toaster. As E.C. turned on its display, he and Tandy play the song as it displays physically impossible scenes so that's some realistic display. 


Since you came here uninvited
We all knew you'd be delighted
This is not the time or place to hedge
No one here would be so bold to
But since you asked and no one's told you
Let us take you to the cutting edge

I can process words, accounting too
And my pixel screen displays for you
Computer graphics locked into your memory

With fiber optics cast in plastic
For natural sights and sounds fantastic
Just reach out and talk to your dear old Uncle Emery

More! More! More!
Everything you wanted and more
More! More! More!

Let me tell you what it's for
Here's the printout with the score
Get yourself together on the edge

Oooooh, wah, oooooh
Bah, bah, bah

You want to go to old Rio
De Janeiro, my dear?
You want to join in any Club
You'd really rather stay at home
Where the picture is clear
You get it on the stereo
And you don't even have to go

More! More! More!
Everything you wanted and more
More! More! More!

Any time or place you wish
You might meet up with some dish
Pull yourself together on the edge

If you want a lean machine
To whip you up some mean cuisine
I'm on the scene totally automatic

Hey, I can bake your biscuits too
Pop some dough boy out for you
I'm micro solid-state and that's no static

More! More! More!
Everything you wanted and more
More! More! More!

We're the bytes and chips to call
You just have yourself a ball
It's all hyperactive on the edge
From LEDs to CRTs
Woofers, tweeters, antenna trees
An ultra-nylon life of ease
Everything you dreamed of on the edge
And more

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