Council of Disney Villains

Council of Disney Villains.

Maleficent]]'s Council of Disney Villains are major antagonists in the popular Disney/Square Enix game, Kingdom Hearts. The group works together mostly behind the scenes as a secret soceity of sorts.


  • Maleficent-The leader of the council and the one who brought the group together. She supplies the villains with a ready supply of Heartless, and they in turn aid her in her plans by locating the Keyholes and any Princesses of Heart that are there. Her master Lan ends with only her, Hades, and Riku left standing of the entire council. After facing Sora, she too met her demise.
  • Jafar-The second-in-command of the council and the one most concerned with carrying out Maleficent's orders. Jafar is inquistive and spends most of the time at the meetings asking questions such as why the Heartless were drawn to a specific world. He uses his control of the Heartless to lay siege to Agrabah to locate the Keyhole and kidnap Jasmine, one of the seven Princesses of Heart. In the end, he is defeated by Sora, much to Hades's disgust.
  • Riku-The only non-Disney villain that is a part of the council and the last member to join. Her functions as an apprentice of sorts to Maleficent and travels to several worlds (such as Neverland and Monstro) to do Maleficent's bidding. While Maleficent claims that she sees him as a son of sorts, she is really using him for his ability to wield a keyblade. He is one of the two council members who outlived Maleficent.
  • Hades-Hades seems to have mixed feelings about the group. While he considers himself a member, he prefers to work on his own and flat out tells Maleficent to stay out of his business. Maleficent warns him not to let his hatred and anger burn to fiercely or the darkness will consume him. Ironically, Hades is the only council member that isn't consumed by darkness and one of two council members who outlived Maleficent.
  • Captain Hook-Hook, like Jafar, goes out of his way to help Maleficent's agenda by kidnapping Wendy (whom he believes to be a Princess of Heart), trying to steal the Keyblade for Riku, and lending his ship for the villains to use as a vessel. Despite being unaware of what exactly Maleficent's master plan is, he appears to know a little more of Maleficent's goals that the other villains.
  • Oogie Boogie- This villainous bag of bugs never really did much in Maleficent's group aside from insulting everyone, including Maleficent herself. But it was his arrogance and cruelty that ended up proving his defeat.
  • Ursula-This wicked sea witch is the only female member other than Maleficent. She seems to be one of the lower ranking members.

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