Br'er Fox
Background information
Feature films Song of the South
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions Splash Mountain
Voice James Baskett
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Cunning, lying, bad-tempered, rough, pushy, emotional, relentless, fussy, observant, xenophobic, brainy, rude, pugnacious, evil, responsible, feisty, optimistic and ungenerous
Appearance Slender, Red fur, Sharp Theeth
Occupation Fox
Alignment Bad
Goal To eat Br'er Rabbit
Home Chickapin Hill
Friends Mortimer Mouse, Big Bad Wolf, Prince Hans
Enemies Br'er Rabbit, Molly, Br'er Turtle
Minions Br'er Bear, Br'er Wolf
Likes Food
Dislikes No Food
Powers and abilities None
Weapons Axe, Jaws
Fate Got chased away by bees ~Song Of The South

Caught by alligators ~Splash Mountain

Typical Saying "I got 'im this time."

Br'er Fox is the main antagonist of the animated sequences of Song of the South. voiced by the late James Baskett. He is constantly trying to capture and kill his nemesis, Br'er Rabbit, but always fails humorously. He lives in a burrow underneath a dead tree, has a less-than-competant sidekick named Br'er Bear, and has a slight habit of talking slightly faster than everybody else in the movie does. He used to be featured in a series of very, very, very, VERY old cajun folklore stories (which also featured him trying to kill Br'er Rabbit), but in SOTS he is featured as more anthropomorphic than just possessing the ability to speak, and he is re- imagined into a more slapstick, cartoony style.

In the movie, he tried to trap Br'er Rabbit into a trap involving a tar maneqin of one of the neighborhood's residents. The tar maneqin had Br'er Bear's hat on its head, two buttons for eyes, the bowl of a pipe for a nose, and a full head of hair (courtesy of Br'er Bear's rearend). Br'er Rabbit convinces Br'er Fox into throwing him into a briar patch (something Br'er Rabbit was born and raised in), buying Br'er Rabbit enough time to get his little furry tail outta there. Br'er Bear, annoyed with the fact that Br'er Fox allowed Br'er Rabbit to escape, bonked him on the head with his club.

House of MouseEdit

Br'er Fox appeared as a cameo House of Mouse episodes.

See AlsoEdit


  • Br'er Fox is often Mistaken by fans for Gaston
  • James Baskett, Br'er Fox's voice actor, also played Uncle Remus, another character from Songs Of The South
  • Br'er Fox is very similar to Big Bad Wolf from 3 little pigs

Disney TV SpecialsEdit

Disney's Haunted Halloween segments The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Brer Fox and Bear sees Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby

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