Char 54751
Background information
Feature films The Wild
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Patrick Warburton
Performance model
Inspiration Molt
Character information
Other names
Personality Dim-witted, obedient, foolish, clumsy, funny
Appearance Obese wildebeest
Occupation One of Kazar's henchmen (formerly)
Alignment Bad, later good
Goal To follow Kazar's orders (formerly)
Home The volcano
Friends Kazar (formerly)
Enemies Ryan (formerly), Samson (formerly), Benny (formerly), Bridget (formerly), Nigel (formerly), Larry (formerly), Kazar
Likes Dancing
Dislikes Kazar's orders
Powers and abilities Snorts, dancing
Weapons Hooves, horns
Fate Reforms with the other wildebeests and leaves Kazar to perish in the volcano.
Typical Saying "We are tired of pretending to be something we're not. But most of all, we're tired of you."
Blag is the secondary antagonist in Disney's 2006 CGI film The Wild. He is voiced by Patrick Warburton.


The WildEdit

He was one of Kazar's former henchmen who reluctantly assisted his boss in his goal to ascend to the top of the food chain. Under Kazar's orders, Blag manages to capture Ryan, while the other wildebeests push Samson off a cliff (but he survives). Near the end of the film, when Kazar orders his henchmen to finish Samson and Ryan off, Blag defies Kazar by saying that he and the other wildebeests are tired of pretending to be something they're not. Kazar is then left to perish inside the volcano while Blag, the other wildebeests, and the zoo animals escape. Blag is last seen on the ship where he begins a dance off, to which all the animals join in.


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