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Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice
Background information
Feature films Dick Tracy
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Al Pacino
Performance model
Character information
Other names Big Boy, Al 'Big Boy' Caprice, Boss
Personality Greedy, mighty, grumpy, evil
Appearance Slender, humpbacked, black hair, brown eyes, mustachioed, suspenders
Occupation Crime leader, Lips Manliss' student (formerly), and Breathless Mahoney's boyfriend
Alignment Bad
Goal To have Dick Tracy killed
Home Chicago
Enemies Dick Tracy, Dick Tracy, Jr., Tess Trueheart, Mike, Pat Patton, Sam Catchum, Chief Brandon, Lips Manliss, Bug Bailey
Minions Flattop Jones, Itchy, Breathless Mahoney, 88 Keys, Mumbles, Pruneface, Influence, Spud Spaldoni, Lips Manliss (formerly), Numbers
Likes Walnuts, money
Dislikes Dick Tracy, being arrested
Powers and abilities Strength
Weapons Pistol, fists, pipe
Fate Falls deep in the drawbridge's gears.
Typical Saying "So long, sucker. You shoulda made a deal."

In Disney's (Touchstone's) 1990 film adaptation of the comic strip, Big Boy is played by Al Pacino in an Academy Award-nominated performance. It is in this film that Big Boy is first referred to as "Al 'Big Boy' Caprice". The movie character is physically very different from the comic strip character.

Dick TracyEdit

In the film, Big Boy Caprice is the former protegé of crime lord Lips Manliss, whom he eventually murders after rising to power. His criminal empire spreads through the city like cancer, prompting Tracy to make the diminutive gangster's destruction his own personal mission. Caprice's moll Breathless Mahoney takes a sexual interest in Tracy; for his part, Tracy is tempted by the smoldering femme fatale, even though he is faithful to longtime girlfriend Tess Trueheart.

By the end of the film, Tracy has unraveled Caprice's empire, with help from a mysterious, faceless vigilante called the "Blank". Caprice kidnaps Tess, and holds her hostage in a tower containing the operating machinery of a drawbridge. Tracy corners him and is about to arrest him, when the Blank; whom Tracy has learned is none other than Breathless herself in disguise; emerges from nowhere and tries to kill Caprice, who shoots and mortally wounds her. Tracy lands a haymaker punch to Caprice's jaw, sending him plummeting to his death in the drawbridge's gears. Tracy rescues Tess, whom Big Boy had tied to one of the gears, just before she is crushed.

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