Beta and Gamma
Background information
Feature films Up
Dug's Special Mission
Television programs
Video games Up
Park attractions
Voice Beta: Delroy Lindo
Gamma: Jerome Ranft
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Loyal, serious, menacing, intimidating
Appearance Beta: Slender black and ochre Rottweiler, brown collar around his neck that serves as a translator
Gamma: Obese brown and white bulldog, brown collar around his neck that serves as a translator
Occupation Beta: Alpha's lieutenant (formerly)
Gamma: Alpha's sergeant (formerly)
Alignment Bad, later neutral
Goal To carry out their boss's orders (formerly)
Home Muntz's Spirit of Adventure airship (formerly)
Friends Charles Muntz (formerly)
Enemies Carl Fredricksen, Russell, Dug, Kevin
Likes Obeying their leader
Dislikes Dug messing up their missions
Powers and abilities Strength, speed, barks, howls
Weapons Teeth, claws
Fate Join Muntz's other dogs at Russell's ceremony.
Typical Saying Beta: "Hey, Alpha! I think there's something wrong with your collar. You must have bumped it."
Gamma: "Yeah, your voice sounds funny!"
Beta and Gamma are two dogs led by Alpha, and are the secondary antagonists in Disney/Pixar's 2009 film Up. Beta is voiced by Delroy Lindo and Gamma is voiced by Jerome Ranft.



Beta and Gamma are Alpha's lieutenants. Beta is a Rottweiler and Gamma is a Bulldog. Like their boss Alpha, they both wear translation collars that enable them to talk. They were sent on a mission to find a giant bird and bring it to their master, although Dug was initially assigned this task because he was a disgrace to the pack, and they wanted him gone.

Beta and Gamma later encounter Carl Fredricksen, Russell, and Dug. After some conflict, they take the trio of misfits to their master, who turns out to be an elderly Charles Muntz, Carl's childhood idol. Inside the dirigible, numerous photos, drawings, and information on Kevin (the bird) can be seen. Carl soon realizes what is happening; Muntz is searching for Kevin. Carl hastily rushes Dug and Russell outside. Beta, Gamma and the pack immediately give chase after understanding why they suddenly left.

Beta and Gamma are later seen driving biplanes. Outside, Russell sees Carl and Kevin in trouble. Encouraged, he manages to climb to the porch of the house. Planes continue to attack, but he manages to stop the planes by calling out that he sees a squirrel; this distracts Beta and Gamma (and another dog) and makes them collide all of the planes, though the dogs parachute to safety.

Beta and Gamma are briefly seen playing poker on a card table in Muntz's Spirit of Adventure airship.

Beta and Gamma are last seen among the other dogs at Russell's ceremony. They howl with approval after Carl awards Russell the grape soda badge from his deceased wife Ellie. Presumably, Beta and Gamma become the pets of residents at the Shady Oaks Retirement Home after Dug took over as "Alpha."

Dug's Special MissionEdit

Beta, Gamma and Alpha are tripped by Dug, causing them to lose Kevin. When Alpha gives Dug "special missions," Beta and Gamma show support, but get hurt along the way and almost killed. They all eventually leave Dug, with Alpha calling him a bad dog.


  • The dogs who are seen playing poker is a tribute to the famous Dogs Playing Poker series of paintings by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.
  • Beta and Gamma are Greek letters of the alphabet, along with Alpha.
  • It is unknown how Beta and Gamma got back on the blimp when they parachuted to safety from their biplanes. Although Carl, Russell, and Dug might have picked them up while they were returning Kevin to her babies.

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