Beagle Boys

Beagle Boys.

Beagle Boys is three prominent figures of fiction of the universe of the Uncle Scrooge. They are a band of delinquents who try to steal constant the fortune from Scrooge.

Often the band is led by his mother, Ma Beagle. Beagle Boys has many relatives who are brothers and cousins, and they all devote themselves to the delinquency, except one of the cousins who is honored, and it is considered to be the black sheep of the family.

Often they conspire together with other villains like Magica De Spell, Peg Leg Pete, Madam Mim or are contracted for John D. Rockerduck.

In the series Duck Tales, as in the tales of cómic, they try to steal the fortune from Scrooge McDuck.

Also they appear in the mini-movie Sport Goofy in Soccermanía, where they try to gain a party of football (doing trap) to obtain a valuable trophy of a million dollars.

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