The Arab
Background information
Feature films Crazy with the Heat
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality mean, evil, angry
Appearance big, fat, he has a black beard and wears a turban and a black coat
Occupation Bartender
Goal to get his money(all heavy damage destroyed & failed)
Home Oasis Soda Fountain
Enemies Goofy
Likes People who pay
Dislikes People who don't pay
Powers and abilities
Weapons Sword
Fate chases after Donald and Goofy
Typical Saying "Your wish is my command."

Stop hand

Click To Help Ursula!
You Poor Unfortunate Soul, this "Arab,"
has been found to need Ursula’s Touch.
It MUST be rewritten, see the light, and make a switch!!
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the true queen of Atlantica.

The Arab is the main Villain of the Goofy and Donald Cartoon "Crazy with the Heat" from 1947

Role in "Crazy with the Heat" Edit

He along with the Osais Soda Fountain first appeared before Goofy as a hallucination.

He offered Goofy drinks but everytime Goofy tried to drink the hallucination dissapears for a short time.

This happened multiple times and as Goofy was tired of it and wanted to leave the Arab wanted the money from him and forced Goofy to clean dishes but thanks to Donald all the dishes got broken and they had to run away form the Arab who used a Sword to attack them.

Trivia Edit

His name is to this day never mentioned

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