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Alexei Jovanovic
Alexei Jovanovic
Background information
Feature films Jungle 2 Jungle
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor David Ogden Stiers
Performance model
Character information
Other names Mr. Jovanovic, Jovanovic, Mr. J (hardly)
Personality Mean, cruel, threatenig, vile, impatient, bad, and evil
Appearance Obese old bald Russian man with a white beard and moustache wearing business clothes
Occupation Russian mafia mob boss and Caviar dealer
Alignment Bad
Home Caviar Warehouse, New York
Family Mother
Enemies Michael Cromwell, Mimi Siku, Richard Kempster and his family, and especially Maitika
Minions Thugs
Likes Caviar, money, amputating people's fingers, torturing people, and coffee
Dislikes Being called Mr. J, people knocking on his door more than 3 times, people making a fool of him, being cheated, having his time wasted, and Mimi Siku's spider Maitika
Powers and abilities
Weapons Gun and knife
Fate Forced to leave the Kempster's home in his car along with his men by Mimi Siku and his friends (especially Maitika).
Typical Saying "You make a fool of Jovanovic."
"In front of my comrades and my community. You waste my time, you try to cheat me! Now, you must pay! Sit still, coward! Now, I teach you never, NEVER to make fool of Jovanovic again!"
"I have many enemies, but none like that spider."
Alexei Jovanovic is the main antagonist in Disney's 1997 comedy movie, Jungle 2 Jungle.

Role in the filmEdit

Alexei Jovanovic is first seen having a meeting with Michael Cromwell and Richard Kempster about coffee grounds. He offers to pay 1,000,000 $ to help them with their coffee financial problems.


  • "Jovanovic" is a variant of "Jovanović", a common Serbian surname.