Al McWhiggin
Background information
Feature films Toy Story 2
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Wayne Knight
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Evil, mean, greedy, arrogant, selfish, self-centered, impatient, rude, vain, sneaky, obsessive, power-hungry, deceitful, tricky
Appearance Overweight, goatee, balding
Occupation Store owner
Goal Sell Woody and his franchise to a toy museum for a large sum of money
Home Apartment building, 12th floor
Enemies Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bullseye, Stinky Pete, Slinky Dog, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, Hamm, Rex, Bo Peep, Squeeze Toy Aliens
Likes Money, Woody's Roundup Gang, being early, getting what he wants
Dislikes No money, being late, not getting what he wants
Powers and abilities None
Weapons Fists
Fate Cries and got low prices in Al's Toy Barn
Typical Saying "It's showtime!"
Albert "Al" McWhiggin is the main antagonist of Toy Story 2. He is the owner of Al's Toy Barn.

Character HistoryEdit

Al is the owner of a toy shop called Al's Toy Barn. It is first seen in an advertisement during the first film in an advertisement of Buzz Lightyear toys, but Al did not appear.

He is first seen during an advertisement, in which he dresses in a chicken costume. Later, he tries to buy Woody at a yard sale being held by Andy's mother, offering to pay any price. After she refuses to hand over Woody, Al trips on a skateboard and rolls it back into some boxes, which distracts her and he stealthily steals him, intending to sell him, along with the rest of his collection of Woody's Roundup toys, to Japanese interests for a large sum of money.

However, just as Al's plane is about to fly off to Japan with the Roundup Gang in luggage, Buzz and the other toys save Woody in an epic rescue, along with Jessie and Bullseye (Stinky Pete gets packed away in a Barbie backpack as punishment for his betrayal).

Because the toys escape before the plane reaches Japan, he and his business went bankrupt as seen at the end of the film, in which Hamm and Rex are watching a commercial for Al's Toy Barn, in which a teary Al says his store has the lowest prices in town and starts to cry; Hamm comments on this by saying he guesses crime doesn't pay.

His last name McWhiggin is revealed on the nameplate on his office desk.

Toy Story 2Edit

Al is the owner of Al's Toy Barn in the Tri-County Area and appears as its mascot in the store's commercials, which is a giant chicken. He is also a toy collector and makes a deal with Mr. Konishi of the Konishi Toy Museum in Tokyo, Japan to collect the entire Woody's Roundup collection in the exchange for payment. He spends an undetermined amount of time tracking down Woody and his gang and eventually finds Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete.

While attending a yard sale at Andy's house, he happens to come across Woody, who had just saved Wheezy the penguin from being sold. Al tried to buy him, but Ms. Davis refused to sell him as he was Andy's toy, and Andy was away at Cowboy Camp. Despite this, Al steals Woody when Ms. Davis had her back turned (by causing a distraction involving kicking a skateboard into boxes) and made off with his prize. Buzz tries to rescue Woody from the truck of Al's car, but failed because of losing his grip before he could open the trunk. However, he did ultimately gain a few clues, despite the failure: A feather, as well as a glimpse of the license plate number. After deciphering the license plate number for his car "Al's Toy Barn" during the Crime Scene Investigation and consequently identifying the culprit as being Al and gaining a map to Al's Toy Barn from a commercial, Buzz and the gang traveled to the city to save Woody.

Al was about to send Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete to the toy museum in Japan; but when he finally arrived to Japan, he realizes they are all gone (due to Buzz's interference as part of his rescue mission). Shortly after this, he was seen on a commercial for his toy store, crying over his loss of fortune. Hamm responds to it by saying he guesses crime doesn't pay.


Al is unscrupulously obsessive, very impatient, greedy, sneaky, mean, conniving, deceitful, tricky, clever, lazy, and overall evil in nature. He is also quite charming and intelligent.

According to Disney Adventures magazine, Al wasn't allowed to play with his toys as a child. In turn, this led to his toy-collecting niche. Unlike Sid (who would abuse toys) or Stinky Pete (who is simply mean-spirited), Al is intelligent and collects toys in his own kind of way. He would never break or destroy them and instead sells them off after kidnapping them to do his evil plans.


  • Al is constantly thought to be the secondary antagonist of the film. This is not true as Al is the one who drives the plot and had bigger plans than anyone else.
  • Shortly after Toy Story 2, Al's voice actor Wayne Knight went on to voice Zurg for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
  • According to a Disney Adventures Magazine, the reason why Al was obsessed with toys is because he was never allowed to play with them as a child.
  • His license plate says LZTYBRN.
  • Al looks very similar to Mike Mozart.