Background information
Feature films Cheetah
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Paul Onsongo
Performance model
Character information
Other names The Shoe Guy
Personality Greedy, arrogant, sneaky, abusive, cruel, cunning, heartless, argumentative, traitorous, opprobrious, savage, murderous, bloodthirsty, villainous, sanguinary
Occupation Poacher
Alignment Bad
Goal Collect money for himself and skin Duma if she loses the race
Home Kenya
Friends Mr. Patel, Nigel
Enemies Ted, Susan, Morogo, Duma
Likes Money
Dislikes Getting arrested
Powers and abilities
Weapons Gun, trap
Fate Gets arrested after Duma attacks him.
Typical Saying "Good. That skin will bring me much money."
Abdullah is the secondary antagonist of the 1989 film Cheetah. He is a poacher who has killed Duma's mother and figures he can make a fortune by racing the high-speed, low-endurance animal against local greyhounds and betting on Duma to lose. He teams up with a covetous storekeeper and an opportunistic Englishman to snatch the cheetah.

History Edit

An abandoned baby Duma is found by two American teenagers, Ted and Susan and their native friend, Morogo. Morogo informs Ted that her mother is dead and that she was skinned by a poacher. When Susan learns of this, she immediately wants to adopt her. Although the others think that's crazy, she thinks it's the only way for her to survive.

Abdullah is first seen at Mr. Patel's store planning to capture Duma with Mr. Patel and Nigel. When the trio go to the Johnsons' house, Mr. Patel sneaks into the house to steal Ted's whistle to call for Duma. After he got the whistle, they capture Duma.

Abdullah decides to train her for running fast. When the Johnson family go to Mr. Patel's store, Ted recognizes the shoe marks on Abdullah's shoe and realizes that he killed Duma's mother and realizes that Mr. Patel has captured her, because of his mentioning of Duma being lost and that Mr. Patel stole his whistle.

When Abdullah captures Susan, he tries to stab her until he catches Ted in the act. After he puts Ted and Susan in a cage, they leave for Nairobi. However, Morogo frees Ted and Susan from their cage and go after the trio.

When Duma was about to lose the race, Ted snatches his whistle from a cop and blows the whistle to make Duma go faster and reach the finish line. When Abdullah tries to flee from Duma, the cheetah attacks him and Abdullah is arrested by the police.